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Ep.67 – Dating Stories from the Past: Great Scott! Let’s Take This Baby to 88.

Ep.66 – The Kink Episode: The Listeners Have Been Very Naughty…

Ep.65 – Tips for Getting that Second Date: But Just the Tip!

Ep. 64 – Director’s Cut: Your Romantic Movies Have Lied to You!

Ep.63 – Catfished: Reeled in Hook, Line, and Sinker

Ep.62 – Relationships 101: This Will Be on the Final

Ep.61 – The Infidelity Episode: Once Bitten Twice Geek

Ep.60 – Why are Girls So Weird? I Can’t Even Right Now

Ep.59 – Social Awkwardness: What to do When it Doesn’t Go Well

Ep.58 – Nice Guys Part II: Being Bitter Isn’t Helping

Ep.57 – Something New and Christmas Who: Introducing “My Fair Andrew”

Ep.56 – Mating Habits of the Loose Screws: Not Your Mama’s Mash-up

Ep.55 – Social Justice and Dating: Navigating the Minefield

Ep.54 – Success Stories: You Got High Score, Now Enter Your Initials!

Ep.53 – You Blew It: Now Let’s Find Out What Happened.

Ep.52 – Looks vs Personality: Beauty is in the Eyestalks of the Beholder

Ep.51 – Enduring the Loneliness: “Ticket for one, please.”

Ep.50 – Accepting Change: So You’ve Regenerated, Now What?

Ep.49 – Experiments and Deal Breakers: Still Just a Rat in a Cage

Ep.48 – Are You in a Dating Slump? Hey Sisyphus, How’s Your Rock?

Ep.47 – Hey, Hey, You, You: I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend

Ep.46 – Looking for Group: Put Your Keys in the Bowl!

Ep.45 – The Nerd Church Invasion: Nobody Expects The Nerdish Inquisition!

Ep.44 – Animazement 2014: The Panel in Review

Ep.43 – Cosplay and Web Comics: Making Connections Through Geek Art

Ep.42 – The Bro-isode: Chicks, Am I Right?

Ep.41 – The Grand Forum: Ask Us Anything!

Ep.40 – Relationship Wreckers: Listen All of Y’all, It’s a Sabotage!

Ep.39 – Sexual Dimorphism: 1.) Figure Each Other Out 2.) Celebrate Our Differences!

Ep.38 – The Tao of Jackass: Fuck Her Like a Fish!

Ep.37 – Single’s Survival Guide: Staying Afloat in the Sea of Sadness

Ep.36 – Effective Communication: No Battle Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy

Ep.35 – Relationship Konami Code: Tackle Those Hard Levels with Ease!

Ep.34 – Awkward and Shy, or Just Not That Into You? Discover the Difference!

Ep.33 – Kelley’s Relationship Triangle: “The Best Two Outta Three!”

Ep.32 – The Art of the Wingman: “Have You Met My Friend Ted?”

Ep.31 – All or Nothing! Ask Someone Out, Dammit!

Ep.30 – Where is Everybody? Putting Yourself in Places to Meet People

Ep.29 – Face Your Fears: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Ep.28 – Meeting New People: Break the Rules and Talk to Strangers

Ep.27 – Getting to Know Yourself: Not in the Biblical Sense

Ep.26 – Stats and Standards: “Y’all Got Issues”

Ep.25 – The Pick-Up Artist: Learn to Annoy Women and Strike Out with Finesse

Ep.24 – Geek Pride: The LGBTQ Episode!

Ep.23 – Hints and the Friend Zone: What You’re Probably Missing

Ep.22 – Animazement 2013: The Panel Review

Ep.21 – Stardate -301698.2: The Rules According to Trek

Ep.20 – Girls, Girls, Girls: The Geek-Girl Experience

Ep.19 – Collateral Damage: Relationships Can’t Exist in a Vacuum

Ep.18 – Adventure, Risk, & Genius: Why We Love Dangerous Loners (i.e. Sherlock and The Doctor)

Ep.17 – The Break-up Break Down – Take Your XP and Level Up!

Ep.16 – The Sex Episode: You Heard Me

Ep.15 – Dress Code: Common First-Date Errors

Ep.14 – Confident vs Creepy: How to Flirt without a Restraining Order

Ep.13 – VD and You: A Geek’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Ep.12 – Geeks Dating Non-Geeks: Interspecies Relations

Ep.11 – The Holiday Episode!

Ep.10 – Online Dating: A Flowchart to Your Heart

Ep.9 – An Inconvenient Truth: “Nice Guys do Finish Last”

Ep.8 – In the Trenches: The Single’s Perspective

Ep.7 – Breaking the Ice: The Bookstore Edition

Ep.6 – Convention Etiquette:The Cosplay Angle

Ep.5 – Level 5 – Finishing Moves

Ep.4 – Level 4 – Player’s Guide

Ep.3 – Level 3 – Pulling the Elite

Ep.2 – Level 2 – Map Your Hunting Grounds

Ep.1 – Level 1 – Select Your Quest!