Ep.40 – Relationship Wreckers: Listen All of Y’all, It’s a Sabotage!

"I'm jealous...my earrings would be so much happier with that dress" *snif*

“I’m jealous…my earrings would be so much happier with that dress” *snif*

Paris and The Business are back! We wade through some of the things that might ruin your relationship, or things that might be holding you back from finding a relationship of your own.

We cover wide-ranging topics from the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle trailer to Puzzles and Dragons; and Attack on Titan to dishwasher meth. Paris spells out her plans to become a YouTube sensation (which gets edited out for patent reasons) and defends her obvious and blatant racism.

Tables are flipped over Facebook quizzes, Weather-wrongs, and people trying too hard to be different.

Also, Pro-Tip: Bud Lite Straw-Ber-Rita…NOT EVEN ONCE!

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15 thoughts on “Ep.40 – Relationship Wreckers: Listen All of Y’all, It’s a Sabotage!

  1. The whole “poly” thing tends to get me riled up, too, and I totally agree with Kevin’s table flip comments. I don’t judge it as a lifestyle, cuz if you can make it work, congrats. But a lot of douchebags like to wave around that flag to feel special.

    What’s always made me laugh about the self-proclaiming poly folk is that supposedly they’re more evolved and enlightened…by embracing our primitive mating instincts? That’s a bubbling crock pot of bullshit. Most of them are pariahs who want to inflate their self-esteem by believing they’re better than the society that rejects them.

    Here’s the thing: “Polyamory” isn’t some revolutionizing new movement… Like most modern communities, the internet ecosystem has only made people think these are new ideas. In the 20th Century, those folks were called “swingers”. Ask your grampa about it.

    Also, most of the folks I’ve seen to identify as “poly”? Lemme do this math: You’re young, you like fucking, and you’re not interested in exclusive commitment… That’s not some kind of counter-culture fringe lifestyle. That just means that blood pumps through your veins. You’re not enlightened; you’re just like most of us normal schlubs. Plus, you’re still going to have to endure all the same relationship problems (and probably more) that everyone else who’s promiscuous.

    One of my favorite ways to correct someone (on things like pronunciation) is to kindly say, “Hold a sec; lemme rescue you,” just so they don’t get made fun of later. But I typically don’t bother with correcting people about entertainment stuff. Nerds that like to correct mistake facts with trivia. When you’re talking trivia, it doesn’t really matter cuz most of it’s fiction…it didn’t really happen, so who cares?

    And mad love for Garfunkel & Oates!

      • There is a legitimate relationship style known as polyamorous where people do have commited emotional relationships with more than one person at a time. It’s just that a bunch of people I know call themselves poly when they’re just simply non-monogamous.

  2. Attack on Titan’s OP is so full of spoilers that the song spells out the entire plot in detail if you speak german. Second season does the same thing, I think.

    • I know Kevin wanted to bring it up in our podcast some time, but I think the answer to so many spoilers in anime is that Japan loooooves in media rez. It’s like they saw a Tarantino movie and decided, “THIS. WE HAVE TO DO THIS ALL THE TIME NOW.”

  3. Japan’s part of the internet is 2ch. We have 4chan. They’re both BBSs with nerds on them. Go browse the two of them. That is the difference between Japan and “the West”. And, fuck yeah AoT.

    I will disagree with Kevin on the fanservice-y ruining a show bit. Toradora had it’s fanservice moments, but they made sense in the story (Ami using her sex appeal to manipulate people, Taiga’s issues over her breast size, etc). And it was a fucking amazing high-school romance story.

    Also, unlike Ms. Hightower, a co-worker of mine seems to enjoy those Straw-Ber-Ritas. I tend to avoid anything with the Bud Lite on the label like the clap, but to each their own.

    Kevin, try Spirit Stones. Because you another reason to miss out on fucking. RPG/Puzzle/Connect-the-Dots game with surprising depth. Trust me.

    Geneva hates movies not based on the color of their skin, but by the content of their cinematography. She’s practically the embodiment of MLK’s dream. 😛

  4. The way we’ve described fan service on Method to Madness is that it’s like salt. With just the right amount, it’s flavor-enhancing seasoning. But if you use too much (or just pour it in), it ruins the entire dish.

    I also love Toradora! (We even did a review on it on the site. ^_~)

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