Episode 28 – Meeting New People: Break the Rules and Talk to Strangers


Episode 28 – Meeting New People: Break the Rules and Talk to Strangers

We’re breaking all the rules in this episode of Mating Habits! Alpha Counter’s Sean Ryan and I discuss the tricks to having a good conversation with complete strangers in Lesson 2 of MHMG Learning Annex – Becoming comfortable conversing with others. We go back and forth about why talking to folks we don’t know is difficult and sometimes makes us look like creeps, and how Sean might have missed his calling as Sean Ryan: Marketing Rapist.

We recap Sean’s almost hot-n-heavy DragonCon experience with “The Lady in The Loft,” I go into WAY too much detail about my recent sex life, and then we flip tables over dickwolves, Nazis, and Heroes of Cosplay – typical MHMG tableflip 😉

Here are some helpful links to check out while you’re listening:

Penny Arcade says I’m doing it wrong

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MHMG Learning Annex…Do your damn homework.


6 thoughts on “Episode 28 – Meeting New People: Break the Rules and Talk to Strangers

  1. I’ll add that trick to the tool box Sean. Might help with that pesky issue with choking. The one where I freeze up talking to cute girls, not Kelley’s thing with choking. Different actions altogether, and I’d wager one is more fun than the other.

    So, for the rape mace idea. I’m thinking something like the ASP batons security/LE carry with retractable blades/flanges spring-loaded below the weighted tip. They extend when you flick it open, and just go to town. Maybe a liner-lock mechanism to keep those blades from collapsing on your fingers. We have the technology. Trust the weapon nerd here.

    Another great podcast. Guess it’s time to crack open the “Adult Supervision Required” notebook and start on that homework. Results should be forthcoming.

    The butthurt Nazi cosplay Nazis remind me of the “Meat is Murder” vegetarians. They remind me of this comic strip.


  2. Heheheheheh. What if I become famous for the choking thing? Like, what if I become some sort of spokeswoman for the correct way to lightly choke someone and I have to do a PSA about it? The good news is I might be asked to play Carol in the live-action or stage version of Archer. The bad news is my parents are still alive, and will be shamed. Fuck it – anything for fame!

    Do your homework, Matt! I’m going to post my Lesson 2 progress later this week. 🙂

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  4. It was so great to meet you! In a perfect world, I’d still be in NC and we could all go out to a bar, then put our purses in the middle of the dance floor and dance in a circle around them.

    I tried to go to a Gamestop and have a conversation, but wouldn’t you know it, all the employees there were nerd ladies! Life sabotages my efforts again…

    • I didn’t let that stop me! For my three ice-breakers, I first talked to someone new at a dinner table of friends. Then I went into a GameStop hoping to meet one of the women there…but they were off that day, so I chatted up one of the dudes instead. Then, while on a date, my date was busy visiting with friends around the bar, so I talked up someone else in my time.

      These are not all amazing stories, but I think they count for the assignment.

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