Level 5 – Finishing Moves – How to go from “Kicking rocks,” to kissing faces.

Cycle 1, we hardly knew ya…


In this week’s Episode, we close out Cycle 1 with a discussion about how to seal the deal at the end of a date.  My co-hosts, Shane and Mimi, share with us their adventures in love that began at LARP, and continues in a future Gypsie Caravan into the sunset.  We’ll cover awkward end-of-date “kicking rocks” situations, comunicating desires, and end up doing some wedding planning to put and end cap on our journey through dating.  Cycle 2 starts soon – see you in a couple of weeks – and thank for listening and participating!

Bonus:  A prize to the first person who can tell me the time stamp of the following phantom sounds:  A dog drinking water, two cat meows, a satisfied purr, and a plastic peanut butter jar being tongue-cleaned on a kitchen floor.

What say you?