Ep.49 – Experiments and Deal Breakers: Still Just a Rat in a Cage



The famous Em of the Alpha Counter Podcast joins me for this impromptu Lady Feels-fest where we discuss our feelings about Guardians of the Galaxy (We’ll warn you when we get spoilery and spoilers end on minute 57 for those who want to skip ahead), ailing parents, visitors from my ancestral home of Scotland, going sleeveless at Dragon*Con, and I promote 1000 things – see below.

We also chat about the experiments that OKCupid came clean about recently, what they mean for us as users of the site, and how they relate to deal breakers we may want to rethink.

Em and I also delve into the recent Dick Pic article from Jezebel, and we talk about the lengthy discussion that was had about it on the Mating Habits Facebook page.

Tables get flipped over Jury Duty, Megladon, and the lack of Gamora’s side boob.




HuffPo Article About OKC Experiments

The Tragic Tale of the Blind Date Dick Pic


9 thoughts on “Ep.49 – Experiments and Deal Breakers: Still Just a Rat in a Cage

  1. So, the Young Justice situation is even dumber than that, as far as I know. Merch sales hadn’t dropped, but because the show was more popular with female viewers than expected, it got cancelled. Because DC/WB is made of dumb right now.

    About TNG, Genesis was the episode, Riker who turned into a chro magnon (Picard and Data were the only uninfected), and of course humans don’t devolve into lizards, cats do. Obviously.

    Also, anyone who thinks men won’t wear shirts with women on them is kinda dumb, to be honest. Have they never seen Teefury? Or Yetee? etc. etc.

    • I never understood why Barclay devolved into a spider thing. If he’s not human, what the fuck is he? It would have been better if he devolved into a stalk of broccoli with a comm badge.

      • Barclay is completely human. That’s the dumbest thing about it. On an unrelated note, I like to imagine he’s actually descended from the actor’s character on the A-team.

        As for snapchatting unwanted dick pics, I know you were joking, but that’s pretty much just as bad as the original dick pic. Like, mock the dude forever, he’s a dumbass, but you don’t spread naked pictures of anyone around in my book, wanted or not. That’s barely above revenge porn, and that’s just a shitty thing to do to someone.

  2. http://cryptid.hubpages.com/hub/Megalodon-vs-Great-White-Shark

    Well, something ate a good sized chunk of a tagged great white shark… But the fact that I’ve found dozens of fossil Meg. teeth combined with the complete lack of fresh 3lb teeth washing up on beachs anywhere, pretty much leads to the my conclusion of their extinction…

    Just like anything else, if you think you’ve seen an outlyier, it’s time to check your sample size!

    This, however, did happen… There are bone scars to prove it!


  3. Imagining the surprise of migrating Platybelodons or other Gomphotheriidae makes me smirk a little. There were a few ancient whales which are just as scary and much more likely to still be lurking about than a shark with a prodigious amount of fossil material that abruptly ends at the K-Pg extinction boundary… (caveat: much more likely of a near zero chance is still a near zero chance).

    My “Dark Secrets” friend always seems to have more questions for me about how Ebola leads to zombies and how do I really know that my dinosaur tooth collection didn’t actually come from a dragon… Thanks “Discovery” channel… Instead of cool science programming, it’s way easier/cheaper to just fake a few mermaids and have Patrick Stewart / Morgan Freeman soothingly describe the global “government” coverup…

    Oh, and just for you Kellley, Megaloceros Giganteus is now one of the species on the list for de-extinction! A future of wandering looking for a 4 meter wide set of antlers is likely in our lifetimes!


    • *swoon* That first paragraph – I love it when you talk all science-y 😉

      I’m ready for our weeks-long expedition into the wilds, searching for some Megaloceros Giganteus sheds.

      • They’ve banned the collection of elk sheds in cataloochee, so I’ll be looking for deer sheds closer to the big cities this year. Make sure you’ve got a warm jacket!

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