Ep.34 Awkward and Shy, or Just Not That Into You? Discover the Difference!

Legolas: "Hey, Tauriel, want to be my girlfriend?" Tauriel: "No Thanks." Legolas: *She's just shy.*

Legolas: “Hey, Tauriel, want to be my girlfriend?”
Tauriel: “No Thanks.”
Legolas: *She’s just shy.*

This belated Holiday Week Edition of Mating Habits of the Modern Geek, join me and William as we tackle that age-old problem of determining whether that special crush is just too shy to talk to you…or they’re just not into you.

We catch up over Dragon’s Crown, Freedom Cry, and William reveals his cosplay plans for 2014!

I spin another yarn about a Dating Horror Story: Online, and William voices his complaints over chatty chicks who never want to do anything else.

It only takes us 52 minutes to get to the actual topic, where we admit that we’re all guilty of this. It’s always an awkward time when geeks who are awkward also like other awkward geeks. It’s easy to misinterpret the signs of uninterested for shyness.

So, get ready to be direct and bold, and be ready to accept the soft “No.”
William flips a table over folks who can’t deal with movie adaptations (congrats, you read a book), and I flip a table or two over people trying to fix me up with inappropriate matches for their own convenience.


NB:  The book title I butchered is actually: Something More Than Night by Ian Tregillis. http://iantregillis.com/ I HIGHLY recommend it.

4 thoughts on “Ep.34 Awkward and Shy, or Just Not That Into You? Discover the Difference!

  1. Wall of text time. XD As your podcasts get longer so do my posts.

    On Sword Art Online

    New OVA aired today, next arc starts next year. The new arc, Gun Gale Online deals with stuff like PTSD and the like, plus it’s set in a post-apocalyptic FPS so I’m pretty hype for it. It should definitely have better story than the Alfheim Online arc. Alfheim was not the series best, but I still enjoyed quite a few elements of it. Like the hard-head solo player having to rely on others, or Recon’s unrequited feelings, etc. It wasn’t as good as the first arc, but I personally enjoyed it.

    On Dragon’s Crown (ish)

    For another fun side-scrolling hack and slash with the token RPG elements (leveling, occasional choices that have little overall effect on the story, etc), Dust: An Elysian Tale is a really fun indie game. If I didn’t think I’d get hit on by furries, I would consider cosplaying it.

    @ Will

    Rock on with the cosplay man. It’s a blast. I hit the otaku/weaboo game the other way round, anime and manga was first, then cosplay (eventually quite a LOT of them), but no posters or wall scrolls and I’m just now getting into the figure game. Koto and GSC are trying to rob me blind.

    I’m planning going as Kirito for AZ too, but since I saw so damn many Aincrad versions at Banzaicon, I’ll be doing the Alfheim Online version. Been losing weight too, so I’ll get the actual costume done closer to May. If I see ya we need to get a photo together. Feel free to stop by the AZ forums and chime into the SAO cosplay thread we’ve got going. I know you were persona non grata there for a while, but it’s pretty dead these days, and some of the old guard still would like to hear from ya. Plus, now I’m mentally competing with you. May the best man win. XD

    Pro-tip on the costume, wear a black wicking compression top under that coat. Wore trenchcoats to DC, and the one with a cotton Punisher shirt was bordering on punishment, while the UnderArmor under Gambit one was almost pleasant.

    I hear you about being oblivious Will. My first girlfriend had to literally push me up against a wall and spell it out for me before I got the hint. And I am using the term “literally’ correctly, she actually cornered me in a stairwell and told me “I. Like. You. As. More. Than. A. Friend.”. One of those “Oh.” moments

    @ Kells

    My New Years Resolutions are pretty easy. Drink better whiskey. Run a 5k. Get my own place. And get in a relationship. And I have all year to work on them. Especially that first one. Might crack open a Highland single malt to start that first one off right.

    As for getting set-up, other than a coworker wanting to set me up with one of her nieces (who sees too much of the local PD for my tastes), I don’t have anyone dying to pair me off. My friends are WAY too used to seeing me single.

    • Your comments are my favorite! Good luck on your tour of fine whiskeys. I can’t stand the brown liquors unless they’re drowned in Diet Coke, which I hear is the sub-optimal way to enjoy them 🙂 Let me know how your 5k goes – mine are usually tiny victories in a very low war. Happy New Year!

      • Happy New Year Kelley. I have a feeling 2014 is going to be our year.

        The “better whiskey” part is going to be a trial, as my bank account already supports a small batch bourbon habit. Of course with Woodford releasing their Double Oaked and Masters Collection, as well as a pesky new taste for Scotch, I think I’ll manage. Oh the hardships we must endure. 😉

        As for the 5k, there’s a local one in about 2 months. Probably skip the chilli cook-off this year and go run that. Gotta get up to running the full 5k, instead of doing it in 3 or 4 bursts.

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