Ep.59 – Social Awkwardness: What to do When it Doesn’t Go Well



Michael returns to help us navigate the choppy water known as Social Awkwardness. We offer tips from personal experience on how to get through the toughest of social situations, and ways to psyche yourself out when that inner voice is telling you everything is going to go wrong. I mean, one time I unintentionally make fun of a one-eyed barista – you can dig yourself out of any hole 😉

Why aren’t the PodPals a group of superhero, crime-fighting, cape-wearing corgis? Because we should be. Michael finishes Skyrim (current news!) and bitches about the Hobbit movies, and I make a case for Netflix’s The Fall.

Someone makes a bad first impression with me, which is hardly news-worthy, but certainly apropos. And we get another installment of My Fair Andrew, complete with new theme song!

Tables are flipped because everyone’s panties are in a bunch about an all-female Ghostbusters reboot, and apparently snow is a thing that sometimes happens in NYC.


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2 thoughts on “Ep.59 – Social Awkwardness: What to do When it Doesn’t Go Well

  1. I think people are using “raping my childhood” wrong. Raping your childhood should mean you re-watch the things you loved as a child with adult eyes and realize how dumb and shitty they really were.

    I get that feeling a lot when I revisit comics I used to obsess over in the 90s. T__T

  2. Hey Kelley,

    I liked your take on your POV on The Hobbit. I did feel it was a bit stretched out, but all in all, I did enjoy the movies. The extra filler did help my BF (who has never read them-working on that), understand what was going on and helped refresh my memory on why things happened how they did. I also thought it was a good idea for Tauriel to be added, but I really didn’t care for the romance between her and Kili (although I could see the one with her and Legolas to be much more plausible). If they made it more of a kindred friendship, that I could go with. As for Azog, he was an antagonist in the book, and expanding his role to make him the main baddie for Thorin to focus on made sense.

    Anyhoo, just my two cents. Keep those podcasts coming!

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