Ep.50 – Accepting Change: So You’ve Regenerated, Now What?



It’s our 50TH EPISODE!

And we welcome William back to the show to discuss, in epic detail, the Season/Series 8 premiere of Doctor Who.

You wanted relationship advice? Oh, well, okay, we’ve got a little bit of that too. We ask ourselves the question:

If you could travel back in time and tell yourself something about the future of a relationship, what would you say (perhaps iteratively)? (Thanks, Colin!)

And we discuss what happens to relationships when people change over time. Yes, it’s still you, but you’re different somehow.

Tables get flipped over similar topics: Not all butts are drawn equally, and yes, Marvel, you’re better than DC…but that’s not saying much.


Special thanks to Steven and Smokey from History of Misunderstanding Podcast for the wonderful wishes all the way from across The Pond 🙂

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Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend! Now, get ready to come see us at tiltEXPO!


5 thoughts on “Ep.50 – Accepting Change: So You’ve Regenerated, Now What?

  1. As far as time-travel self advice goes:

    First, have a time-travel code phrase/icon so that you know yourself/self-sent-representative from the future.

    Secondly, if the advice is good enough to send back in time… Shouldn’t I listen to myself about aforementioned advice in the present?

    No one showed up at our meeting at the MIT library (May 5th, 2005) despite leaving plenty of messages in books that wouldn’t likely be checked out for a century. Or maybe they just seemed not to show up…

  2. I have a lot of regrets or things I would change about my dating past. Many involving my self-esteem blinding me to opportunities, not accepting social invitations, or just plain going outside more often. But those are all things I don’t think I could be told; I had to learn it over time to really feel it or comprehend it.

    If there’s one moment where I’d want to intervene, it’s with my second fiance. I’d pop out, yell “It’s not yours! It’s not yours!”, then peel out the DeLorean. (Long story.)

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