Ep.46 – Looking for Group: Put Your Keys in the Bowl!


We’ve got an extra-long episode to keep you guys going during the break. Join Paris, The Business, LLC, and me – along with three interviews with people who are in non-manogamous relationships — as we delve into one of the most requested episode topics in Mating Habits history:

What’s up with all these open relationships and polyamorous folks?

The Business and I have a deep, theological discussion about the origin of the Smurfs, the existence of Smurf ejaculate, and a UNICEF ad that blew my mind. Paris tells us about how she and The Business have stepped outside their comfort zone and joined a kickball team – what the what?

Then, I welcome Vee, Jamie, and Josh to the show, where they open up about their current and past experiences with non-manogamy. Hopefully, what they share will inform, enlighten, and entertain you guys as much as it did me.

We flip tables over Ubisofts dumb response, Anita (I call her Anna the whole time) Sarkeesian’s latest offering, and people hating on the tiny Prius. They see you rollin’. They hatin’, Paris.


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Anita Sarkeesian’s Women as Background Decoration – Tropes vs Women

What say you?