Ep.32 – The Wingman: “Have You Met My Friend Ted?”

Check out more Legen-  wait for it - dary art from Habibson at http://habibson.deviantart.com/

Check out more Legen- wait for it – dary art from Habibson at http://habibson.deviantart.com/

Gobble Gobble, Y’all! It’s Thanksgiving!

Sean shares his famous cranberry sauce recipe that he may or may not have come from Adam Corolla, and it’s raining monkeys when I play Assassin’s Creed IV.

I give you the first installment of Dating Horror Story: Online Dating where I share some scary online dating stories that have been happening to me recently, and we discuss Wingmen, and why you may want one to help you meet new people – or you may want to share your confidence and BECOME THE BEST WINGMAN EVER.

Sometimes, there’s no better safety net than a “Conversation Buddy” to help talk you up to potential love interests.

We flip the kids’ table at your family’s Thanksgiving dinner over retail establishments staying open over the holidays; Sean’s multiple doppelgangers getting him into sticky situations, and the best $1 Million-dollar idea that Sean has ever had.

9 thoughts on “Ep.32 – The Wingman: “Have You Met My Friend Ted?”

  1. I don’t know if it was just me but I had some audio problems. Once in a while the audio went silent, when it came back it had skipped whatever seconds of silence it had.

    • It should be fixed! Thanks for the heads-up. I had messages on Facebook and comments and emails – which makes me happy that people are actually listening to the entire show (or at least trying to when the audio is fucked) 🙂

  2. Another great episode guys.

    Sean, that cranberry sauce recipe is dead on. For reference, I went to cooking school, and the only difference in my personal recipe is the zest and juice off an orange. Berries + Simple Syrup is a tried and true combo.

    Kelley, brofist for Chinese Food on Christmas, it’s so damn great. Been doing it for years. I cook for a living all year, and I love Chinese food, so those dumplings and Singapore Noodles are my present to me. Plus, since I usually hit up 2-3 different groups during the day, I can slam those steamed pork dumplings/egg rolls/crab rangoons/General Tso Cat/whatever while I drive all over NC/SC.

    When it comes to working on Thanksgiving, I’ve never really been bothered by it. I’ve worked in food service since I entered the work force, including ones attached to retail stores. Like Cracker Barrel. I’ve worked all but one of those Thanksgivings and it never really bothered me. I’m cooking anyway, and I like getting paid. Plus, since management never works holidays, me and the other peons bring alcohol and get . . . festive . . . we’ll go with “festive”. Sounds much nicer than sloshed. I get pissed off when I have to work Christmas Day. Then I get pissed. That’s another story though.

    I’ve already got a few female friends and a male friend who all are ready to wing for each other, so we’re gonna help get each other some dates. Because we all are absolutely fearless when we have no interest in someone, so we can easily open for each other. So I can walk up to dudes they’re checking out and tell them, “Hey, see that pretty girl over there? She’s single and thinks you’re cute. Go hit on her.” Because their opinions are utterly irrelevant to me. Same thing when they see girls who might be a good match for me. Example: at Dragon*con one of those female friends was stopped by a girl at one of the dances and asked if she knew how to do light-shows with the glow sticks she was spinning. She didn’t. But she has a cool guy friend who does, he’s @ xyz now but she can shoot him a text. We’ve already worked the plans out for whoever is still single next year.

    Also, doppelbangers. You sir, you win an internet. I fully support this idea.

    • Yay! I’m glad you are on my side re: Thanksgiving work — take that Sean 😉

      And good on you for the Wingman Plan. It’s like hunting in the caveman days or surviving in the zombie apocalypse: There’s safety and success in numbers.

      Have a great holiday, and good luck out there!

    • I don’t think I articulated my point very well on working on Thanksgiving. I’m cool with it as long as it’s voluntary. If you want to work on Thanksgiving, go for it. Make that money. I’d sooner judge the people shopping (in stores) instead of indulging in the holiday.

      My problem is when retailers make it mandatory…usually under threat of termination. I’d like it to be a choice, and I don’t mean the choice between working that one day versus losing your job completely.


      Also, doppelbangers. You sir, you win an internet. I fully support this idea.

      Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me… I’d fuck me HARD.

      • Not sure if I’d fuck you, but I’ve fucked me plenty of times. You forget, we can’t all be dating hot Brazilians.

        This could go into an odd tangent about spoiler warnings, but I’ll hold that particular joke for another day.

          • Something South American. Been a while since I listened to the podcast.

            I remember hearing about you hitting it off someone cute and exotic. The details escape me. I was too busy flipping you off over the internet. 😛

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