Ep.45 – The Nerd Church Invasion: Nobody Expects The Nerdish Inquisition!



The Clergy from The Nerd Church Podcast join me to discuss everything under the nerd sun, and share some of their most interesting dating stories.

Michael, Sean, Myles, Ira, Stan, and I talk about all of our current nerdy endeavors and pretty much agree that DS9 was the best Star Trek series (sorry, Ira).

The fetish freaks come out in spring, which gives me a new OkCupid Nightmare story to share about a Macrophile and his inability to “Use the Google.”

The guys share some of their great dating mishaps, Sean and I agree that spiders are the worst, and we flipped so many tables that the show has now been banned from all furniture stores in the Triangle.

So, put on your Sunday clothes and let us take you to church!

P.S. Thanks for the Saga recommendation, guys – I just finished Vol.1 and it’s amazing! Now, on to Sex Criminals!


The Nerd Church Podcast

The Nerd Church interviews Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg – Amazing!

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5 thoughts on “Ep.45 – The Nerd Church Invasion: Nobody Expects The Nerdish Inquisition!

    • Well, this episode was a colaboration with The Nerd Church Podcast using the crisp audio from their Garageband and gear. The ad in the middle of the episode was recorded with my new Behringer Ultravoice XM1800S mics and my Behringer Q1202USB 12-channel mixer. All future episodes will be used with my mixer unless I’m using a Skype recording, using Alpha Counter Studios, or am with a group of more than 4 people…where I will then go back to using the Blue Snowball 🙂

      • Nice. Those new mics sound great. I’m looking for a condenser mic, and it looks like Behringer just got on the list with Audio-Technicha. Sennheisers is way too pricey.

  1. Great episode this week everyone. Still laughing my ass off. The Nerd Church guys are a riot, I’d love to hear them come back.

    I do have one disagreement with the “pay their own way on the first date” thing. Go something simple. If it falls through, you’re out a coffee, or a martini, or whatever. It’s less than 10 bucks, that’s not a big deal. And even if it doesn’t go anywhere I’d honestly rather be out a Jackson than have some girl telling all her female friends “He wouldn’t even pick up a coffee.” Even if I don’t like her that way, she may have cute friends I can meet later.

  2. I have thrown the rock in Bioshock Infinite… But only because I was dicking around with the game on my sister’s console and was curious to see what would happen, so that’s on her PSN ID. :p

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