Ep.23 – Hints and the Friend Zone: What You’re Probably Missing.



In this episode, Sean Ryan and I discuss several different hints, clues, and tells for determining if that special someone you have your eye on may feel the same about you…or whether it’s time to stop bothering them.

We explore the less-than-erogenous zone that is the Friend Zone, and why to women, Friendship is Magic while men avoid it like the plague.

“Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse” in Shipper Wars, and in this episode’s Flipping Tables, Sean flips the equivalent of a TV tray over Facebook game invites, and I flip a table of buffet proportions over the “butthurt internet” and why I don’t care about your opinions about my opinions.

This is the second episode in Cycle 5, and as Sean pointed out, MHMG comes out in cycles because “Kelley’s podcast is so sexual, it menstruates.” You’re welcome.

3 thoughts on “Ep.23 – Hints and the Friend Zone: What You’re Probably Missing.

  1. Another afterthought on the Butthurt Internet: One of my favorite quotes on that situation is, “We’ll never defeat the real enemy if we’re at each other’s throats.”

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