Ep.39 – Sexual Dimorphism: 1.) Figure Each Other Out 2.) Celebrate Our Differences!

I bet an equal playing field never hurt the chemistry between these two!

I bet an equal playing field never hurt the chemistry between these two!

This week, Michael and I explore sexual dimorphism and how our differences make us more attractive to one another. In doing so, I work out some of my own “Alpha Male” shit from before; we talk about the benefits and downfalls of “peer relationships” versus traditional marriages, and why the sex you’re having may not be as good or as often as you’d like.

Michael christens my new indy rock band. “Herbs Around the Edges!”

My new friend, “Julie,” might be sending me OKC messages from the lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370! Or it’s just spam. Also, I lose a fight with a bookshelf.

We give you all the details on the now-famous Duke University Porn Star, and flip tables over the co-opting of certain words by certain minority groups, and parties with no snacks – both of these are equally important topics.

Show Links:

Duke Does Porn

Does a More Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex?

6 thoughts on “Ep.39 – Sexual Dimorphism: 1.) Figure Each Other Out 2.) Celebrate Our Differences!

  1. I sort of get Mark’s side about car A/Cs. The poorest friends of mine usually had broken A/C in their car. That shit’s expensive to fix and became low-priority. (Sadly more often lower priority than booze, weed, or video games.) I think Michael’s right in that it’s probably more of a thing from our generation, since as the years have gone by, A/Cs have become not only more standard, but also longer-lasting.

    And hey, having a girlfriend (or wife) makes you no less Alpha. ^_~ #AlphaCountered #RIPJulie

  2. You might be surprised how many of your listeners know about Jay-Z. After all, he did a crossover/mash-up album with Linkin Park.

    Also, I can’t listen to your podcasts while driving anymore. Laughter is apparently not a good enough excuse for swerving erratically.

      • #notanotherrecklessdrivingcharge

        Also, it seems a lot of the confusion over the Alpha Male stuff stems from most people using society’s current, rather adolescent definition of Alpha Male, the meat-head prick. You seem to be using more of an anthropological definition, which usually consisted of leaders in our ancestral tribal societies, when men’s primary roles were protectors and providers, and where traits like aggressiveness and decisiveness were rewarded.

        But you do realize that by wanting a man that makes you feel feminine, you are somehow assaulting the rights of all women. It’s true, I read it on tumblr.

        Also, I’d wager the phenomena of Lesbian Bed Death probably doesn’t occur as often in male relationships due to the effects of testosterone on the libido. I was reading a blog where a transgender woman was keeping a journal of her experiences becoming a man. About a week after starting testosterone she was asking how we hanlded it. I believe their exact words were something to the effect of “I want to fuck everything.” So there’s that.

  3. The problem is that there are no veg Cheetos or morning star potato chips for less than 5 dollars a bag. And don’t even tell me how hard it is to find tomato free salsa rosa!!!

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