Episode 12 – Geeks Dating Non-Geeks: Interspecies Relations

Cycle 3 is here!

And we’re back with William to dicuss the phenomenon of Geeks and Non-Geeks, living together, mass hysteria.

Ghostbusters? Anyone? Ahem…

Prompted by a podcast listener who wanted to know how to break into the geek scene, we discuss how to approach a geek, how to respond to a geek’s approach, and why Muggles be trippin’.

As geekdom becomes more mainstream, non-geeks are starting to notice how much fun we’re having, and want to see what all the fuss is about. We encourage you to “Be an Ambassador to Your Fandom”, stop showing off, and be open to learning new things.

Oh, and non-geeks, we are trying. You have to give us a chance — nay, six chances to get a conversation right 🙂



What say you?