Ep.47 – Hey, Hey, You, You: I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend



We’re back! Paris and The Business, LLC lend me their “studio” in this rambling episode where we discuss what to do if your friends and family don’t like your significant other, or what might be going on if you don’t like your friends’ significant others – 60 minutes into the show (in true MHMG Fashion).

We wax poetic about our favorite Netflix Originals; The Business, LLC has a fangasm over Dark Secrets, and we examine what happens when all the neckbeards don their fedoras and cry like babies over the latest Thor news.

Also, Dashcon was kind of an epic fail…a funny epic fail, but an epic fail all the same.

A spider tries to kill me and take over the show, and I flip tables over fan-entitlement, and The Business definitely doesn’t want to do work at your house.

BONUS: If you make it to the end of this episode, you get one extra hour in the ball pit!


11 thoughts on “Ep.47 – Hey, Hey, You, You: I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend

  1. Was not having a standard download link intentional? Because I’m not seeing one, and the app doesn’t want to let me download the MP3. Don’t get me wrong, I worked around it already, but it might affect someone else.

    • I don’t know what a lot of those words mean, but I will go and add additional links 🙂 I don’t know what happened there. Thanks!

  2. Aw hell yis… I will shoryuken that table mid-flip! Cuz I also complain all the time that fans have this delusion that enthusiasm=authority. If you really love a TV show, buy all the merch, and participate in the fandom, all that means is that you’re really, really good at consumerism. There’s no ranking system for who is #1 fan of Superwholock… And if we were to figure out who’s #1, the producers of whatever isn’t gonna call you up for pointers on their creation. Sorry, no one cares what you think.

    Star Wars fans are the worst about this; like when it comes to all the Special Edition changes. As much as they wish it were true, when a franchise becomes huge and iconic, it doesn’t “belong to the fans”. It belongs to George Lucas (at least, it did at the time). He can do whatever he wants to it. What you can do is stop buying it. Then maybe you MIGHT get what you want back…but no promises. Live with it.

    • Yay! Sean agrees! Now, all I can think about is you shoryuken-ing every table I try to flip while it’s in mid-flip. And we thought tables weren’t safe around me 😀

  3. Most of the feminist complaints I saw were of the “It’s just pandering” and “Why not promote another superhero instead of changing Thor” variety. Of course, we both missed a group of complainers that might be, since I found them, the most hilarious of all- The Asatru worshippers and especially the ‘pureblood white supremacists’ who think this has tarnished the name of the mythological Thor. Like the Twinkies advertising, fighting against cosmic rednecks, and being a frog wouldn’t have done that shit years ago if they cared back then.

    • But none of those other variations has gross lady parts, thus feminizing a beloved character (a fate worse than death itself!). I’m so excited about this cosplay – I kind of hope it pisses people off. I know it’s wrong and childish…but so it Archer, and I love the shit out of that! 🙂

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