Ep.42 – The Bro-isode: Chicks, Am I Right?

Hey dudes, quit storming the castle and come listen to this podcast.

Hey dudes, quit storming the castle and come listen to this podcast.

Welcome new co-host, Roger, to the MHMG Team where in this episode, I let the men run rampant with their thoughts and opinions (an answer to Ep.20 – Girls, Girls, Girls: The Geek Girl Experience). We tackle some of the more common problems that male geeks can face when interacting with people they’d like to give face kisses to.

We also waste a bunch of time discussing things like the future Justice League movie, Tokyo Jungle, and how wrong Roger is about Godzilla.

Individual table flips happen in five-minute bursts and an absent co-host will learn a valuable lesson about canceling on us and not showing up to the show 🙂

This is pretty much the uniform of anyone who co-hosts this show...I have requirements.

This is pretty much the uniform of anyone who co-hosts this show…I have requirements.

9 thoughts on “Ep.42 – The Bro-isode: Chicks, Am I Right?

  1. I am very dispirited by the lack of comments about this awesome podcast. Oh well nothing to do for it but……

    “Fart noise”

    Also the fact that we have not heard from this “Danny” person is a sure sign that Kelley and Roger just made him up.

  2. My fear about extreme feminism is twofold, one of which has partly happened. 1. Only men will be accused of crimes that men and women both commit. This is true in the instance of Schrodinger’s rapist, in which all men are potential rapists, but women, who also commit rapes in statisitically similar proportions, are not. Likewise, it is viewed that only men can be child molesters, even though there have been several notable cases of women child molesters in the past few years. Basically, we kinda need to realize that being a shithole isn’t a gender issue, and we shouldn’t blame or typecast literally 50% of the population (either way), especially if it gets in the way of bringing said shitholes to justice.

    2. I fear extreme feminists will get violent. Not against me, or the government, or anything like that, but against women they perceive as not fitting their exact brand of feminism. It’s happened with other radical groups in the past, and while fortunately most radicalism in the SJW sphere is limited to words, given how goddamn batshit some of those folks are, violence would not surprise me.

    Also, Kelly, if you are getting 70c to someone else’s dollar for the same work, you can literally make a federal case about it. The equal pay law’s on the books, and a few high profile cases would make damn sure it’s adhered to.

    • Tim, I’m not getting $.70 on the dollar because I own my own business. When I worked for a company, I was actually over-paid because I went in to my boss and demanded that they recognize the hard work I was doing with bonuses and raises. I was never afraid of being thought of as bossy or a bitch. I would even go so far to say that I’m proud to be a Boss-ass Bitch.

  3. The lesson here, if you can’t throw a ball or run fast, you should learn to play some damn music. The aforementioned guitar is a good one. Harmonica is cheap and simple, keyboard/piano works for those who learn better on a linear scale. Hell, even the drummer in a band gets girls.

    It’s manly a hell, and with one or two power chord shapes for electric, or 3-4 open chords on an acoustic, and you can strum along to a LOT of popular music these days. It’s not rocket science, I mean even Taylor Swift can do it.

    Also, the “Fuck you Dad” comment needs to this years shirt.

      • Too bad gentlemen, you’ll have to make your own shirts. This year’s t-shirt design is already in the works! 🙂

        • Bah. Guess I’ll add that to the list of shirts I need to have made.

          Also, props for the Bill Hicks reference. Rant in E-minor was amazing.

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