Ep.43 – Cosplay and Web Comics: Making Connections Through Geek Art

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Cover Model Cassandra Cosplaying as a Phoenix!

Cover Model Cassandra Cosplaying as a Phoenix!


Carbon Dating by @CarbonKyle

I survived the Warrior Dash in time to bring you Episode 43 – Cosplay and Web Comics: Making Connections Through Geek Art. In this *Mega-Packed Episode* William and Cassandra join me to discuss cosplay, cosplayers, and making connections through geeky artistic endeavors.

BONUS CONTENT: I interview Kyle Saunders, the webcomic artist/creator of Carbon Dating, A Comic About Science, Pseudoscience, & Geeky Relationships. If you’re not reading this comic, get into it!

Cassandra talks about being a D20 Magazine Covergirl, and what it’s like to be a single cosplayer in the convention world. William tells of the trials and tribulations of a new cosplayer; and I panic over not being ready for our Animazement panel (Mating Habits of the Modern Otaku: 2nd Date, Friday Night/Saturday Morning at MIDNIGHT!).

We flip tables over and why I’m getting all the wrong kind of attention lately, William spouts knowledge about book-to-movie gripes, and Cassandra continues the MHMG tradition of telling us all about her worst OKC dating experience.

NB – No one wants to see your magic tricks. Don’t be a dick, and don’t do magic.


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    • It should be fixed now. If you downloaded it to a device, you may need to delete it from that device and download it again. Sorry about that. I fixed and uploaded a new version about an hour ago.

  1. Now I have an idea for a joke cosplay- Dark Knight Joker with Top Hat and Cape. Ask folks if they want to see a magic trick, if they say yes, utterly fail a magic trick in an obvious vaudevillian manner (“Now where’s my rabbit”, dropping all the cards, etc.) for the lulz.

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