The Holiday Episode!

Here’s a short little promo podcast with a bonus Holiday Sleepy Extravaganza Mini-Episode tacked on to the end.  Listen to what we have coming up in 2013 and what’s in store for Cycle 3.  After you’ve been properly promoted to, sit back and try to contain your excitment while you listen to Tim, his wife Danielle, Mark, JJ, and myself sluggishly navigate the topic of Surviving The Holidays with your Significant Other.  Curse you tryptophan and booze!  Enjoy, and see you next year 😉

3 thoughts on “The Holiday Episode!

  1. Wait, did you say I’ve said something like, “I’ve dated 7s, but I’d really like to date 9s”? When did I say that? O_o Cuz that’s not in the episode I was in.

    But, for JJ: “I’ve never been with a 10…but one time I was with five 2s. And I think that counts!”

    • LOL! Oh, you mentioned numbers of some sort – what am I, some kind of freelance verbatim court reporter whose sole purpose in life is to maintain an accurate record? Oh, wait…nevermind.

      Plus, how did you like it when JJ acted like, “Who is this Sean guy?” Like she doesn’t know you. Such a performance! 😀

      Fine, fine. The transcripts will speak for themselves…and five 2s? That sounds exhausting.

      • I think the only times I mentioned numbers was joking about how posting a photo of just your dog isn’t going to bump yours up and that I’ve had some dates that were a 9+ who I may never have met up with otherwise.

        “Plus, how did you like it when JJ acted like, ‘Who is this Sean guy?’ Like she doesn’t know you. Such a performance!”

        I don’t remember hearing that and before this podcast, I’d never heard of him. :p But I guess to answer JJs other question: I’d mark myself at about a 7-ish on good days. The world may correct me.

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