Ep.22 Animazement 2013: The Panel Review



Paris and William help me reminisce about our time at the Mating Habits of the Modern Otaku panel this past Animazement 2013. William helped Alpha Counter’s Sean Ryan and me host the panel, while Paris circulated among the crowd and took questions for the Q&A segment. Also, we’ve included the audio from the actual panel! Listen to all of the great questions we got from the audience, and check out the video at our new YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MatingHabitsVideo


4 thoughts on “Ep.22 Animazement 2013: The Panel Review

  1. Great panel peeps, I know it was appreciated by most folks I spoke to after. Yes, I’m that Matt, and guy in the mohawk and the red shirt @ the panel.

    It was a blast “seeing” a podcast happening. A bit of cognitive dissonance there.

    I noticed the other panel as well, but since I read all the PUA stuff when it came out years ago (and I spent the con babysitting), I had no desire to attend. I doubt they were nearly as entertaining as Neil Strauss was when wrote about, and I know they couldn’t hold a candle to you fine folks. Here’s hoping you guys get a bigger space and multiple panels next year. I can pretty much guarantee an 18+ Speed Dating panel would be a hit.

    And yall need to let me know when you guys hit Flying Saucer next year. My favorite bar in Raleigh. And after episode 6, I want to see The Business when he’s drunk in person.

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  4. Hey, I see my face right above that guy in the light blue shirt on the FAR LEFT of the picture… like just barely see my face.

    Good to know there is evidence of me at this convention!

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