Ep.44 – Animazement 2014: The Panel in Review


WARNING: This may be a compilation of the absolute worst audio you’ve ever heard on this show. Aside from the echo chamber that is the Animazement panel, my headset mic bumped my glasses for the ENTIRETY of the show, and all I can do is apologize and remind you that this is why podcasts are free 🙂 I promise to get new equipment soon.

We did it again! With the help of Sean Ryan and William Bloodworth, we rocked the stage late into the wee hours of Animazement 2014. There were questions, buttons, a mic-hijacking, and sandwiches mentioned during our hour-long Mating Habits of the Modern Otaku: 2nd Date fan panel.

As always, I forget that I’m technically the host and I leave Sean hanging and checking my phone (just to keep track of the time – swear!), William is dressed as Kiruto and gets engaged to a small plushie Bulbasaur, and a rave happens elsewhere in the convention center that is so thunderous, the stage shakes the whole time. Oh, and we answered questions about dating.

Also in this show, I come up with some half-baked schemes for making money (patent pending) and Sean suggests we free all the caged autistic children from their neighborhood internment camps, only to make them available for cock-fighting style Yugio Tournaments – what a jerk!

At time marker 1:47, we come back after the panel audio to have a serious discussion regarding the recent tragic shootings and deaths in California. The tables are less flipped, and more firmly pounded as I discuss why the hashtag #YesAllWomen is a great thing, if fully understood, and how misogyny is hurting everyone…most of all men who aren’t misogynists.

Why It’s So Hard for Men to See Misogyny
Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds

15 thoughts on “Ep.44 – Animazement 2014: The Panel in Review

    • We wanted to, but our guy from last year was unavailable. We did what we could to at least get photos and record the audio to share, but most of our attention was focused on putting on a good panel for the con attendees.

  1. Lemme throw some more bullshit onto the pile I started in the podcast…

    I’m completely in favor of women (or men) using, “I’m seeing someone,” as a deterrent for someone hitting on them. For no other reason other than it works…and usually instantly. It sucks that it does work (for the subtext of possession that Kelley talked about), but until we get the bigger issues corrected, keep that in your arsenal.

    In the meantime, I would suggest that dudes make at least some effort in that while you still have the same visceral reaction to, “I have a boyfriend,” you adjust your conscious reaction from “Someone’s already claimed her,” to, “She’s already chosen someone and is satisfied”.

    • Eh, it works for different reasons. Whether it’s the claimed mentality some have, or the “two people can probably kick my ass” logic you mentioned or even my own personal “I’m not going to fuck up other people’s relationships” reasoning. I’ve been cheated on, I’m not going to be that asshole, regardless of how awesome said girl is.

      Also, as long as “I’m taken” keeps getting used, it’ll keep working. When more women learn to assert themselves and say “Not interested.” followed by a Kelley-esqe “I said I’m not interested, now back off before I stab the shit out of you.” guys might start to get the hint.

      Also, guys, even if a girl says “not interested” or “I’m taken”, hell, even if she’s bitchy and shuts you down hard, keep it classy. Don’t be a dick. Just say “Pleasure meeting you.” and go look elsewhere. There are billions of other women out there, you don’t need to badger that one girl, you can’t annoy her panties off.

  2. Jesse is awesome, we passed him on the way to the Saucer Saturday night. 🙂

    Also, there have been “Slow Children Playing Here” signs for decades. But calling them slow isn’t PC anymore, so they had to find something to change it to.

    You guys did a great job with the hand you were dealt, most of us were fighting exhaustion, dehydration, and alcohol too. We were all in that together. 😀

    That one guy deboed the mic, or I was going to ask a deep, spiritual question. Guess I’ll just hang onto it for the next one. 😉

    On the whole misogyny/#YesAllWomen thing, I think I posted this video on Kelley’s Facebook thread, but it’s a concrete enough example to repost.


    As always, loved the panel, loved the show. Can’t wait for the next one yall.

  3. Not done with the Podcast yet, but the screen at Hell wasn’t a projector, it was an LED screen, but the spacing of the LEDs was terrible, and it was divided into multiple completely color imbalanced squares that it made the screen impossible to see at times for folks in the front rows.

  4. Oh, also, because it crossed my mind, no, Bolivar Trask wasn’t a little person in the original comics, but who gives a fuck, Dinklage was awesome.

    • Dinklage was pretty amazing. I’m happy that they used him for his acting skills rather than the fact that he might have fit a physical train of the character.

  5. On to the table scoot, I have two quick, well, I guess corrections, but given how muddied the facts are around the case, I can understand not having all the facts.
    Firstly, shitstain wasn’t an MRA- he wasn’t on any MRA forums nor did he agree with their shit. He was on PUA and then anti-PUA forums, but that’s not MRA and the two movements basically loathe each other. This isn’t to say that MRAs are squeaky clean, just this shit isn’t on them.
    Secondly, shitstain… never actually tried to get women. He didn’t even ask them out, from all accounts. So he basically completely externalized all his own personal failings into the hatred of the men and women he saw blocking him, because entitlement/ persecution complex.

    Also, I saw a recent study that showed that entitlement leads to misogyny in men, but also in women, though it manifests in a different sort (In women, misogyny appears as a belief that women deserve special treatment, according to the study). I’m curious to see what correlation it has with misandry and misanthropy in general. Also, and this is an aside, I wonder how it relates to things like otherkin, who seem to almost always come from well off homes.

    • I think it’s pretty safe to say that the guy was out of his mind looney tunes. Also that entitlement and lack (or ignoring) of real problems is ruining the current generation.

    • I don’t remember anyone saying that he was definitely on any forum, MRA or PUA or otherwise, so I don’t see what there is to correct – but I appreciate you giving us a “pass” on not being as up-to-speed on the facts of the case. I wanted to relate the killings to the #YesAllWomen phenomenon, rather than give an accurate report of the facts.

      Also, whether he actually approached women or just fantisized that he did is irrelevant. The way he felt about the women who rejected him (even if they only rejected him in his mind) changes nothing. If every women he ever met laughed directly in his face and treated him terribly, it’s no excuse to go kill a bunch of people.

      As for otherkin, don’t get me started. I’ve talked more about otherkin in this last week than anyone should ever have to.

      • Oh, I wasn’t trying to defend the dude, I wanted to point out that the guy’s mindset “Not even gonna try, but it’s still all everyone’s fault but mine.”, that he had mentally externalized his issues onto the world at large. It’s definitely not an excuse for what he did,

        As for folks saying he was on MRA, a lot of folks have been claiming that the MRA movement as a whole agrees with his views or he was inspired by them. I brought it up because I thought I heard Sean say he was associated with MRAs, but if I misheard, I misheard (noisy traffic during my commute, natch.)

        I agree with Sean that the dude was absolutely mentally ill in both clinical societal terms (and that’s a large part of why he did what he did, same with the two girls who stabbed a third for Slenderman) and entitlement in general is shitting up the world.

        As for otherkin, “at all” is more talking about otherkin than anyone should ever have to do.

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