Ep. 27 – Getting to Know Yourself: Not in the Biblical Sense


Ep. 27 – Getting to Know Yourself: Not in the Biblical Sense

Cycle 6 begins with our first installment of the five-part series: MHMG Learning Annex! School’s in session, and in this first lesson, we discuss ways to build your self confidence by taking the time to figure out the positive aspects of who you are. It’s your uniqueness that makes you a valuable human being, and recognizing those unique qualities in a positive way is the only way to build confidence and make yourself more attractive to others.
“Paris” and “The Business, LLC” join me to recap parts of Dragon*Con 2013 and make an important relationship announcement. The Business shares the “Knuckle Scale of Attractiveness” and talks about “Building your Confidence Armor;” Paris gets real and admits her Reddit addiction; and I am awesome, as per usual.

We exhaust ourselves flipping tables over nerd-herd movement, lack of signage, giant backpacks and general dickery in cons, lack of curiosity about life, and shitty, shitty friends. Get into it!

5 thoughts on “Ep. 27 – Getting to Know Yourself: Not in the Biblical Sense

  1. I totally dig what you mean about folks not bothering to look things up. Like “Paris” brought up, the thing I find in common are that people like that are kinda spoiled. They’re so used to someone else taking care of them or having what they want/need spoon-fed to them, that they have no sense of agency. I have a lot of people in my family like that. They don’t care to take things upon themselves because they know someone will either take care of it for them or they just won’t participate.

    • Amen Sean.

      I remember Friday Night @ DC my sister had a bit of a breakdown because our ride had went back to the airport hotel without letting us know when the shuttle would be back. So after half an hour trying to figure out when the damn shuttle would run, while she’s bawling how she doesn’t want to be lost in downtown Atlanta, I walked over to the curb and hailed a cab. Problem Solved. And I didn’t feel bad ordering the good stuff when the people who ditched us picked up the check the next few dinners either.

      It kills me that there are people who have been legal adults for YEARS and can’t handle themselves when small things go awry.

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