Ep.48 – Are You in a Dating Slump? Hey Sisyphus, How’s Your Rock?



Are you in a dating slump? Been a while since you asked someone out? We discuss what the heck might be going on with you.

Sean Ryan’s wife left town for the weekend, and while she’s away I set up my Mating Habits Recording Studio in Alpha Counter’s Recording Studio…it’s like Podcast Inception!

Mating Habits is going to Tilt Expo! We’re bringing more freebies to our appearances – namely, buttons (or “badges” for our European listeners) and THERE WILL BE SPEED DATING!

I invent a new term for grainy, illicitly cell-phone shot, SDCC trailer footage – “Bigfoot-age:” You know you saw and heard the trailer, but no one else will believe you.

We discuss the Batman v Superman trailer from SDCC, our Wonder Woman hopes and dreams, and how angry is Xena that Wonder Woman stole her look?

My crush-rotation/”Maybe” pile is empty, and Sean helps me figure out what’s going on with my feels, and hopefully work out a plan for the future.

Sean flips tables over RTI (Random TARDIS Insertion) on t-shirts, and I’m angry about Apple’s refusal to let me put my music on my other Apple devices. Apple, you’re not my mom!

Sean has an old solution for an even older problem: A Mace for Ladies!


Put a TARDIS in it!

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4 thoughts on “Ep.48 – Are You in a Dating Slump? Hey Sisyphus, How’s Your Rock?

  1. So I’m in the middle of the episode (or rather the discussion) and that’s the initial excuses (like the “I tried and doesn’t work” or “I would prefer to stay home”) are pretty much me. The difference is that I have almost no dating experience whatsoever, I been in only relationship in my life and the rest of attempts have been failure so that has influenced even more my current “meh” situation.

  2. Just in case my first comment got eaten, there are very logical explanations for the Ms Frizzle and Rugrats shirts. Ms Frizzle is often jokingly referred to as a Time Lord to explain her behavior and the powers of the schoolbus, while Tommy Pickles was created as an Homage to the Doctor

    • How is Tommy Pickles an homage to the Doctor? And who would even get that? And if that’s true, did the shirt designers get it or is that just a coincidence?

      • Tommy Pickles leads the children on fantastic adventures, has a screwdriver that can open anything, and his base of operations is often depicted as being bigger when viewed from the child’s perspective as opposed to the exterior one. The creators have also said as much. They’ve also snuck Daleks and other Whovian monsters into the background of the show. They were huge fans of the series. And yes, it’s entirely possible the designers were aware of it.

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