Ep.38 – The Tao of Jackass: Fuck Her Like a Fish!

Come inside my little castle!

Come inside my little castle!

Hello Sexy Goldfish!

William gets deep about his cosplay, we discuss a new way to figure out which pictures are working for you on OKC, and I bribe friends with beer and pizza to come to my house and build stuff.

Thankfully, William followed a link called “How Understanding Goldfish Can Get You Laid,” and discovered one of the absolute worst examples of how marketing and assholery can take advantage of those of us marooned on Lonely Geek Island. They’re lying to you when they tell you there’s something wrong with you – I promise.

This sort of marketing preys on guys with low self-esteem, and reinforces the resentment against women that is prevalent in our society (see Cracked.com link below). It’s not going to get you what you ultimately want, which is love and acceptance.

We flip tables over the misunderstood high-fashion magazine and the photoshop found therein, and the tragedy of Irrational Games closing shop – also, WTF, Sochi?



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