Ep. 64 – Director’s Cut: Your Romantic Movies Have Lied to You!



I visit Andrew a week after he was driven from his home by alarms, sadly none of which sound like Bruce from Family Guy. He also had a run in with a bowl of vegetable soup – it’s been quite a couple of weeks, folks.

The podcast is sponsoring a new Meetup.com group called Trigger Warning: Geeks! If you’re local to NC and interested, come join all your favorite hosts (plus others) when we go to movies and stuff.

My Fair Andrew is in 3D (for me, anyway, because I was in the room this time) and we’re nearing the end of the project – this week’s assignment is a tough one for him, but I have faith in our hero.

We talk about movie/TV tropes and relationship examples that aren’t healthy or realistic, and why someone who doesn’t have any relationship experience might want to avoid some of the worst.

Scott Pilgrim is boring and lacks morals, Twilight and 50 Shades are fanfics that somehow snuck under the radar, and Leonard and Penny from Big Bang Theory make no sense, whatsoever.

Correction=Rating: Terrible Person

Correction=Rating: Terrible Person

Smallville had ridiculous relationships that all seem to revolve around Lana Lane, and Ross and Rachel are the least interesting couple on Friends. Fortunately, we do have some media to watch and aspire to; i.e. Ron and Hermione; Katara and Aang; Homer and Marge; etc.


We flip the table I had to bring with me over bad party guests and Andrew reminds us that retail is not a four-letter word, even though retail customers can often be little shits.


4 thoughts on “Ep. 64 – Director’s Cut: Your Romantic Movies Have Lied to You!

  1. I never got the Westley/Buttercup romance at all. For me, it sends the bad message to guys that if you kiss the girl’s ass, bend over backwards serving her every wish, and also be the only man in her life for like, a thousand miles…she’ll see you as her prince. May as well be, “As you wish, m’lady.”

    Truth is that route will at best cause the person to lose respect for you. Worse, you just become that person’s bitch for free stuff and help. Westley’d be friendzoned.

    But once those characters do fall in love, I see how that relationship pans out for the rest of the movie being pretty solid. Dread Pirate Roberts Westley > Farmboy Westley.

    My submissions for realistic relationship depictions are also start from a cartoon: Daria and Tom; especially how it affected her and Jane. Also Gomez and Morticia Addams… You know at all times they’re a power couple and fuck on the reg.

    • Morticia and Gomez Addams are EVERYTHING. I feel bad for not mentioning them, as I aspire to one day have that level of freaky passion in a relationship. 😀

  2. Loved doing this episode! Thank you, Kelley, for barging into my apartment, with all of your fancy-dancy furniture pieces, and shoving a microphone in my face for a couple hours!

    I look forward to doing this again! 🙂

    • I came for the recording, but stayed for the cats. I had to edit out all the singing I did to Gallifrey while you were in the bathroom…

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