Ep.21 – Stardate -301698.2: The Rules According to Trek

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William and I rush to the studio after watching Star Trek: Into Darkness to podcast our nacelles off about Trekkie dating sites, using the Trek Movie Titles as a cheat sheet to dating, and review the shit out of Star Trek: Into Darkness – SPOILER ALERT! There’s so much coat porn in this movie – so many great fashions!

We have a quick, imaginary shipper wars between Benedict Cumberbatch and Kelley Hightower Cumberbatch, and then William and I flip the same table over those people who get wild in movie theaters and talk and yell through the whole movie. There is a special hell…

The Rule According to Trek

The Motion Picture: Get motivated, be proactive, and get out there!

Wrath of “Con”: Cons are a great way to meet like-minded folks, just remember to be respectful.

The Search for Spock: Look for your own species in places where you would go; game stores, meet-ups, bookstores, conventions, online dating sites.

The Journey Home: Kicking rocks and awkward transitions; how to get them back to your place for sexy make-out times.

The Undiscovered Country: Sex; it’s the most complicated thing you’ll ever love doing.

The Final Frontier: Commitment; it’s tough, but what you’re ultimately looking for.

Generations: Age differences can be an issue, especially of she doesn’t remember Thundercats.

First Contact: Making the effort to get along with your SO’s friends and family.

Insurrection: Resolving Conflict; the right way to argue and not break up.

Nemesis: You broke up, how to still be friends, or at least civil to one another.

Star Trek – Lens Flare Reboot!: When all else fails, re-invent yourself. You’re still you, only shinier!

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