Ep.41 – The Grand Forum: Ask Us Anything!


In this Super-Sized Episode, Sean returns to help me answer all the questions you sent in, fully, honestly, and to the best of our ability (except for one that was just too much work).

I watched over 72 hours of CNN coverage and shitty Netflix for no reason, #herbsaroundtheedges lives to see another day, despite a veggie-disaster, and Sean got an extra job and a wife. No big deal.

Tables are flipped in unison over the steaming pile of dog shit that was the How I Met Your Mother Series Finale. What a damn disaster.

5 thoughts on “Ep.41 – The Grand Forum: Ask Us Anything!

  1. I just had to throw this one out there.

    Shaving your neck is NOT hard. Shaving you balls is hard. Shaving your neck might take 3 razors to get through the neckbeard (I speak from experience), but it is not rocket f***ing surgery.

  2. Well, what I meant with my comment was which of “The day Job” and “The Night Job” meant Kevin and which meant Vane, because one tore your shirt and one your pants, and that’s what I sent the message in responding to but Sean’s response was epic nontheless. As for calling Vane lady, I was thinking “Your Old Lady” when I wrote that. Archaic, but I like exhuming old slang.

What say you?