Ep.56 – Mating Habits of the Loose Screws: Not Your Mama’s Mash-up



Mating Habits takes in on the road to the Two Loose Screws studio and tries to acclimate to the comic stylings of Jason Roberson and Andrew Bartlett.

In this deluxe-length show, we talk about disappointing zombie movies, we finally get “Suspender’s Chair” on the show. We talk about casting pods, and why I sound like Bruce from Family Guy sometimes.

We get down and dirty with stories from my past in the adult entertainment industry, offensive shirts from band trips, and I question the guys about their dreams and aspirations for life, and for the show.

In true Mating Habits fashion, we swap awkward dating stories and Jason flips a table I thought I already righted from podcasts past. I laugh at folks who don’t understand the difference between censorship and the free market system, and Andrew doesn’t understand what part of customer manners you don’t understand.

**Listen at around the 1:59 -2:01 time stamp for a special Holiday Announcement from me regarding the Mating Habits of the Modern Geek episode release schedule for the month of December. Enjoy!

What say you?