Ep.59 – Social Awkwardness: What to do When it Doesn’t Go Well



Michael returns to help us navigate the choppy water known as Social Awkwardness. We offer tips from personal experience on how to get through the toughest of social situations, and ways to psyche yourself out when that inner voice is telling you everything is going to go wrong. I mean, one time I unintentionally make fun of a one-eyed barista – you can dig yourself out of any hole 😉

Why aren’t the PodPals a group of superhero, crime-fighting, cape-wearing corgis? Because we should be. Michael finishes Skyrim (current news!) and bitches about the Hobbit movies, and I make a case for Netflix’s The Fall.

Someone makes a bad first impression with me, which is hardly news-worthy, but certainly apropos. And we get another installment of My Fair Andrew, complete with new theme song!

Tables are flipped because everyone’s panties are in a bunch about an all-female Ghostbusters reboot, and apparently snow is a thing that sometimes happens in NYC.


Like a Punch to the Dick!


Ep.53 – You Blew It: Now Let’s Find Out What Happened.



Michael is back in the USA just in time to help me celebrate the legalization of gay marriage in North Carolina! I join a 12-step program over Alien: Isolation, and I have concerns about the upcoming Justice League and Wonder Woman movies.

I explain the “White Girl Crack” of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, we talk way too long about dry-ass turkey at Thanksgiving, and I fail at finding the Matt Smith nudes – and Michael is surprisingly no help.

Check out Minister of Chance’s Kickstarter and get some Who-Universe goodness with Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy!

Michael’s playing this great new game called Skyrim, because it’s 2011, and he offends people with his Halloween blackface and his Hitler Youth haircut. 🙂

We finally talk about dating and relationship issues after about an hour and a half, so pretty much on par for the show.

Prompted by a listener email, we discuss some of the things that might be happening if you’re getting the first dates, but not the second date. It could be nerves, sticking your foot in your mouth, or maybe it’s for the best. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s a good thing.

Also, we obsess over those text and message dots like it’s our job. WTF?

We flip tables over the scourge of the earth – SPIDERS! and how irritating it is for people to share how awesome their significant other is over social media. No, we’re not bitter 🙂

Fuck this noise.

Fuck this noise.

Texting Anxiety!
Minister of Chance

Ep.39 – Sexual Dimorphism: 1.) Figure Each Other Out 2.) Celebrate Our Differences!

I bet an equal playing field never hurt the chemistry between these two!

I bet an equal playing field never hurt the chemistry between these two!

This week, Michael and I explore sexual dimorphism and how our differences make us more attractive to one another. In doing so, I work out some of my own “Alpha Male” shit from before; we talk about the benefits and downfalls of “peer relationships” versus traditional marriages, and why the sex you’re having may not be as good or as often as you’d like.

Michael christens my new indy rock band. “Herbs Around the Edges!”

My new friend, “Julie,” might be sending me OKC messages from the lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370! Or it’s just spam. Also, I lose a fight with a bookshelf.

We give you all the details on the now-famous Duke University Porn Star, and flip tables over the co-opting of certain words by certain minority groups, and parties with no snacks – both of these are equally important topics.

Show Links:

Duke Does Porn

Does a More Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex?

Ep.33 – Kelley’s Relationship Triangle: “The Best Two Outta Three!”

zombie date

In this episode, Michael joins me to discuss my new breakthrough solution for figuring out if someone is right for you. It’s a theory I wrote on the back of an envelope…at a friend’s house…and then drew a sad face on it…but it’s a good tool for anyone to use all the same.


Michael shares some of his worst dating experiences, and I bring up the issue I have with men flirting with me by arguing against the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. Apparently guys out there can’t take a joke, or they’re certain they have evidence that it couldn’t happen – maybe a litte bit too certain.

We flip some tables over bullies and call-out culture, and how people often don’t get that not only are they not helping things, but sometimes they make it worse.

And the vegetarian food we couldn’t think of was tempeh!

Links From This Episode:

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Project Management Iron Triangle

Call Out Culture Will Not Make the World a Just Place

“What’s a Hexagram, Precious?”

Ep.24 – Geek Pride: The LGBTQ Episode!


Ep.24 – Geek Pride: The LGBTQ Episode!

I have a “Gay Old Time” this week with Michael calling in to co-host the first ever MHMG LGBTQ Edition! You cried out for it, so Michael and discuss what it’s like to be a single homosexual geek in the dating scene, what online resources and phone apps you can use to meet people, and how joining and starting LGTBQ + Straight Ally groups in your area not only benefit the community, but put you one step closer to meeting new people.

Michael and I have a BioWare-gasm in ShipperWars where we discuss every relationship choice in every BioWare franchise, and how everyone can agree that Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins is the bestest boyfriend ever, no matter your gender.


We Flip an important Table over the regressive path the great State of North Carolina is taking in recent months, and we basically tell the government to stay out of our bodies! (Be forewarned, I had to edit out 45 minutes of political topics from this Flippin’ Tables, so consider yourself lucky.)

There are Mass Effect spoilers, links below to other gay podcasts, cats in drag, and the parting knowledge that the summer’s hottest hashtag is #fitness. Get into it!

Chloe Sevigny
Drag Cats
Gay Pimpin’ with Jonny McGovern
ME3 Indoctrination Theory