Ep.34 Awkward and Shy, or Just Not That Into You? Discover the Difference!

Legolas: "Hey, Tauriel, want to be my girlfriend?" Tauriel: "No Thanks." Legolas: *She's just shy.*

Legolas: “Hey, Tauriel, want to be my girlfriend?”
Tauriel: “No Thanks.”
Legolas: *She’s just shy.*

This belated Holiday Week Edition of Mating Habits of the Modern Geek, join me and William as we tackle that age-old problem of determining whether that special crush is just too shy to talk to you…or they’re just not into you.

We catch up over Dragon’s Crown, Freedom Cry, and William reveals his cosplay plans for 2014!

I spin another yarn about a Dating Horror Story: Online, and William voices his complaints over chatty chicks who never want to do anything else.

It only takes us 52 minutes to get to the actual topic, where we admit that we’re all guilty of this. It’s always an awkward time when geeks who are awkward also like other awkward geeks. It’s easy to misinterpret the signs of uninterested for shyness.

So, get ready to be direct and bold, and be ready to accept the soft “No.”
William flips a table over folks who can’t deal with movie adaptations (congrats, you read a book), and I flip a table or two over people trying to fix me up with inappropriate matches for their own convenience.


NB:  The book title I butchered is actually: Something More Than Night by Ian Tregillis. http://iantregillis.com/ I HIGHLY recommend it.

We Hit 10,000!


This morning, we had our 10,000th download from our podcast server. Nothing makes me happier than a round number, or that the show, with its 33 episodes, has been downloaded 10,000 times.

Keep it up, and thanks for all the support!


Ep.33 – Kelley’s Relationship Triangle: “The Best Two Outta Three!”

zombie date

In this episode, Michael joins me to discuss my new breakthrough solution for figuring out if someone is right for you. It’s a theory I wrote on the back of an envelope…at a friend’s house…and then drew a sad face on it…but it’s a good tool for anyone to use all the same.


Michael shares some of his worst dating experiences, and I bring up the issue I have with men flirting with me by arguing against the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. Apparently guys out there can’t take a joke, or they’re certain they have evidence that it couldn’t happen – maybe a litte bit too certain.

We flip some tables over bullies and call-out culture, and how people often don’t get that not only are they not helping things, but sometimes they make it worse.

And the vegetarian food we couldn’t think of was tempeh!

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