Tickets to the Gun Show

It’s that time of year again. I’m running around buying travel-sized contact lense solution, ordering comfortable sandals for all the walking, buying new outfits for the nights-out dinners and drinks. Planning a trip? Oh, you betcha – it’s time for Dragon*Con!

This will be my 11th trip in a row down to Atlanta, Georgia for the epic event that is Dragon*Con. We can call it my Matt Smith year (shoutout to all my Whovians) and by now I’m a pro at things like:

-Not buying my tickets ahead of time, because the line is shorter if you pay on-site.
-Eating the cost of a full-price ticket in exchange for spending 2 hours in the hot ATL sun, versus 4 hours at a $60 savings.
-Purchasing a small battery-powered fan to cool me in all the 2-hour lines one finds themself in at this sized convention.
-Staying hydrated.
-Bringing my own booze from home to front-load in the hotel room and avoid the high price of getting tipsy at the Marriott Pulse.
-Not wearing a costume when I haven’t brought my A-game and would be miserable in a corset and heels for hours of crowd navigation.

And this leads me to the topic of clothes, and what I’m planning to do this year:

I’m going sleeveless.

This will come as a shock to many of you who know me personally. Having previously been a proponent of covered arms for anyone who didn’t have a Linda Hamilton-like physique, I am going back on my fashion rules and wearing some sleeveless outfits.

“But you have fat arms!” I’m sure some of you are exclaiming. “People will know that you’re heavier than you want to be.” I know. I know. These are facts that are undeniable, and thus, I will have to accept them.

What I can’t accept is the number of cute tops I don’t wear because they have no sleeves. I honestly think that four inches of extra fabric can convince you that I’m thinner than I actually am. It’s time for me to remember what I know – four inches never mattered nor made a difference in anything.

*see what I did there*

So, get ready Dragon*Con. Kelley’s coming to get 6’1″ deep in you and she’s bringing her fat arms. They’ll probably also be covered in a fine glitter, but don’t concern yourself with that now.

It’s always 150 degrees in the ATL – and you’re going to have to deal with that, and the fact that my arms are out.


Ep.48 – Are You in a Dating Slump? Hey Sisyphus, How’s Your Rock?


Are you in a dating slump? Been a while since you asked someone out? We discuss what the heck might be going on with you.

Sean Ryan’s wife left town for the weekend, and while she’s away I set up my Mating Habits Recording Studio in Alpha Counter’s Recording Studio…it’s like Podcast Inception!

Mating Habits is going to Tilt Expo! We’re bringing more freebies to our appearances – namely, buttons (or “badges” for our European listeners) and THERE WILL BE SPEED DATING!

I invent a new term for grainy, illicitly cell-phone shot, SDCC trailer footage – “Bigfoot-age:” You know you saw and heard the trailer, but no one else will believe you.

We discuss the Batman v Superman trailer from SDCC, our Wonder Woman hopes and dreams, and how angry is Xena that Wonder Woman stole her look?

My crush-rotation/”Maybe” pile is empty, and Sean helps me figure out what’s going on with my feels, and hopefully work out a plan for the future.

Sean flips tables over RTI (Random TARDIS Insertion) on t-shirts, and I’m angry about Apple’s refusal to let me put my music on my other Apple devices. Apple, you’re not my mom!

Sean has an old solution for an even older problem: A Mace for Ladies!


Put a TARDIS in it!

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Loot Crate

Happy 2-year Birthday, Mating Habits!


We’re 2 Years Old Today!

It was just a week over two years ago when I rented a room at the LaQuinta Inn in Durham and had 4 sets of amazing cohosts come in to record from 9am until 3am that next morning. By the end of the night I was exhausted, hungry, my voice was shot, and I was terrified that I would somehow lose the recorded data before I could figure out how to edit it and release it. On Monday, June 17, 2012 I uploaded Episode 1.

Here it is, two years later and I often edit episodes the day they air. At least I’m better at it now.

Thank you to all of our listeners, especially those who have been here since the beginning – it hasn’t always been easy, but it’s usually been lots of fun.

Ep.43 – Cosplay and Web Comics: Making Connections Through Geek Art

*Audio should be fixed. If you downloaded the episode to a device before 7:30 pm EST, you may have to download it again. Sorry for the inconvenience.*

Cover Model Cassandra Cosplaying as a Phoenix!

Cover Model Cassandra Cosplaying as a Phoenix!

Carbon Dating by @CarbonKyle

I survived the Warrior Dash in time to bring you Episode 43 – Cosplay and Web Comics: Making Connections Through Geek Art. In this *Mega-Packed Episode* William and Cassandra join me to discuss cosplay, cosplayers, and making connections through geeky artistic endeavors.

BONUS CONTENT: I interview Kyle Saunders, the webcomic artist/creator of Carbon Dating, A Comic About Science, Pseudoscience, & Geeky Relationships. If you’re not reading this comic, get into it!

Cassandra talks about being a D20 Magazine Covergirl, and what it’s like to be a single cosplayer in the convention world. William tells of the trials and tribulations of a new cosplayer; and I panic over not being ready for our Animazement panel (Mating Habits of the Modern Otaku: 2nd Date, Friday Night/Saturday Morning at MIDNIGHT!).

We flip tables over and why I’m getting all the wrong kind of attention lately, William spouts knowledge about book-to-movie gripes, and Cassandra continues the MHMG tradition of telling us all about her worst OKC dating experience.

NB – No one wants to see your magic tricks. Don’t be a dick, and don’t do magic.


Last Call, You Villanous Scum!


Okay, you’re not all villanous scum…sorry about that.

Last call for all those burning questions you’ve been wanting to ask me and Sean about geeky dating, relationships, recipes, and secret passwords to get you into all the cool room parties at conventions.

We’ve got a good number of questions so far, but I wanted to give everyone until Tuesday, April 8th to get them to us.

Leave them in the comments, or email them to