Ep.73 – The Third-Wheel Syndrome: Are You Making it a Crowd?



Em stops by to help me celebrate my birthday by comparing the pros and cons about what it’s like to be a third wheel with all of our couple-friends.

We lament over the loss of Hannibal, I misidentify a Singaporean as Chinese for the entire show, Em is excited over her upcoming trip to Scotland, and I watched Europa Report on Netflix with my boyfriend…I think I’m doing this whole “Netflix and Chill” thing all wrong.

Tables get flipped over Trumpsters, that bitch who won’t do her job, and the jerk who keeps stealing Em’s Lean Cuisines. We’re coming for you, frozen-dinner thief!

Because you don't have time to make a tutu Yoshi.

Because you don’t have time to make a tutu Yoshi.



that's right


Ep.51 – Enduring the Loneliness: “Ticket for one, please.”



On the heels of two busy convention weeks where Sean and I ran rampant all over Dragon*Con and tiltEXPO, we get together to discuss loneliness. Your happy host had a spell of loneliness over the convention weekend, and Sean helps me figure out ways to calm the panic and resolve the issues.

Since this was recorded, I’m happy to report that I have signed up for some events and I’m well on my way to taking my own advice 🙂

We get excited about new video games coming out next month, how we both still like this new Doctor, and we fill you in on all the fun stuff that happened at all the conventions we attended since the last episode.

Tables get flipped over #GamerGate and Apple Hate – see what I did there with the rhyming?


Ep.49 – Experiments and Deal Breakers: Still Just a Rat in a Cage



The famous Em of the Alpha Counter Podcast joins me for this impromptu Lady Feels-fest where we discuss our feelings about Guardians of the Galaxy (We’ll warn you when we get spoilery and spoilers end on minute 57 for those who want to skip ahead), ailing parents, visitors from my ancestral home of Scotland, going sleeveless at Dragon*Con, and I promote 1000 things – see below.

We also chat about the experiments that OKCupid came clean about recently, what they mean for us as users of the site, and how they relate to deal breakers we may want to rethink.

Em and I also delve into the recent Dick Pic article from Jezebel, and we talk about the lengthy discussion that was had about it on the Mating Habits Facebook page.

Tables get flipped over Jury Duty, Megladon, and the lack of Gamora’s side boob.




HuffPo Article About OKC Experiments

The Tragic Tale of the Blind Date Dick Pic


Tickets to the Gun Show

It’s that time of year again. I’m running around buying travel-sized contact lense solution, ordering comfortable sandals for all the walking, buying new outfits for the nights-out dinners and drinks. Planning a trip? Oh, you betcha – it’s time for Dragon*Con!

This will be my 11th trip in a row down to Atlanta, Georgia for the epic event that is Dragon*Con. We can call it my Matt Smith year (shoutout to all my Whovians) and by now I’m a pro at things like:

-Not buying my tickets ahead of time, because the line is shorter if you pay on-site.
-Eating the cost of a full-price ticket in exchange for spending 2 hours in the hot ATL sun, versus 4 hours at a $60 savings.
-Purchasing a small battery-powered fan to cool me in all the 2-hour lines one finds themself in at this sized convention.
-Staying hydrated.
-Bringing my own booze from home to front-load in the hotel room and avoid the high price of getting tipsy at the Marriott Pulse.
-Not wearing a costume when I haven’t brought my A-game and would be miserable in a corset and heels for hours of crowd navigation.

And this leads me to the topic of clothes, and what I’m planning to do this year:

I’m going sleeveless.

This will come as a shock to many of you who know me personally. Having previously been a proponent of covered arms for anyone who didn’t have a Linda Hamilton-like physique, I am going back on my fashion rules and wearing some sleeveless outfits.

“But you have fat arms!” I’m sure some of you are exclaiming. “People will know that you’re heavier than you want to be.” I know. I know. These are facts that are undeniable, and thus, I will have to accept them.

What I can’t accept is the number of cute tops I don’t wear because they have no sleeves. I honestly think that four inches of extra fabric can convince you that I’m thinner than I actually am. It’s time for me to remember what I know – four inches never mattered nor made a difference in anything.

*see what I did there*

So, get ready Dragon*Con. Kelley’s coming to get 6’1″ deep in you and she’s bringing her fat arms. They’ll probably also be covered in a fine glitter, but don’t concern yourself with that now.

It’s always 150 degrees in the ATL – and you’re going to have to deal with that, and the fact that my arms are out.


Ep. 29 – Face Your Fears: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

photo (2)


Ep. 29 – Face Your Fears: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone


This week, William and I discuss the benefits of taking a step or two outside your comfort zone. Since nothing new happens when you don’t do anything new, turn your life into an adventure! Find other things you might be good at, and have opportunities to meet new people and/or have more things to talk about in conversations with strangers (see: Lesson 2!)

We discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., learn that the young women of America look up to William, and I was completely wrong about the government shut down – whatever.

Tables don’t stay “Flipless in Austin” when we take a look at every thing you should NEVER do when trying to find your soul mate. Bastards be crazy. You can check out all that magic below:


Homework for Lesson 3! Do something that you would normally avoid because it makes you feel vulnerable or alone, like go to a movie by yourself, eat at a restaurant alone, go to that MTG tournament, or that board game night at your local game store – not to look for mates, but to just get out there and do something!

Episode 28 – Meeting New People: Break the Rules and Talk to Strangers


Episode 28 – Meeting New People: Break the Rules and Talk to Strangers

We’re breaking all the rules in this episode of Mating Habits! Alpha Counter’s Sean Ryan and I discuss the tricks to having a good conversation with complete strangers in Lesson 2 of MHMG Learning Annex – Becoming comfortable conversing with others. We go back and forth about why talking to folks we don’t know is difficult and sometimes makes us look like creeps, and how Sean might have missed his calling as Sean Ryan: Marketing Rapist.

We recap Sean’s almost hot-n-heavy DragonCon experience with “The Lady in The Loft,” I go into WAY too much detail about my recent sex life, and then we flip tables over dickwolves, Nazis, and Heroes of Cosplay – typical MHMG tableflip 😉

Here are some helpful links to check out while you’re listening:

Penny Arcade says I’m doing it wrong

Watch these cosplayers instead of “Those” cosplayers

MHMG Learning Annex…Do your damn homework.


Ep. 27 – Getting to Know Yourself: Not in the Biblical Sense


Ep. 27 – Getting to Know Yourself: Not in the Biblical Sense

Cycle 6 begins with our first installment of the five-part series: MHMG Learning Annex! School’s in session, and in this first lesson, we discuss ways to build your self confidence by taking the time to figure out the positive aspects of who you are. It’s your uniqueness that makes you a valuable human being, and recognizing those unique qualities in a positive way is the only way to build confidence and make yourself more attractive to others.
“Paris” and “The Business, LLC” join me to recap parts of Dragon*Con 2013 and make an important relationship announcement. The Business shares the “Knuckle Scale of Attractiveness” and talks about “Building your Confidence Armor;” Paris gets real and admits her Reddit addiction; and I am awesome, as per usual.

We exhaust ourselves flipping tables over nerd-herd movement, lack of signage, giant backpacks and general dickery in cons, lack of curiosity about life, and shitty, shitty friends. Get into it!




Hey Listeners!

Here’s a quick update about the exciting goings-on at DragonCon 2013, and some delicious tidbits about what’s coming up in Cycle 6, returning September 9th! Take 15 minutes and catch up with your old friend, Kelley, and hear the good news 😉