Mating Habits Classic: Episode 3 – Relationship Konami Code


In this classic Mating Habits Episode, Paris and The Business, LLC join me to tackle those tough relationship milestones; living together, combining religious beliefs, introducing fandom, geekery, and kinks, etc. I’ve added some fun new promos, but otherwise the bad sound quality is due to the age of the original recording – look at it like you’re listening to a vintage cassette tape.


Here’s the link to the original show notes:

Ep.35 – Relationship Konami Code: Tackle Those Hard Levels with Ease!

Mating Habits Classic: Episode 2 – Collateral Damage


While we’re on break, listen to one of my favorite episodes from 2013.

Ep.19 – Collateral Damage: Relationships Can’t Exist in a Vacuum

Your new relationship has a ripple effect that touches every aspect of your life, flowing out to your old relationships and potentially causing teh_dramaz.

Like before, I recorded a short opening piece about what’s going on, what to expect when the show returns next week, and some suggestions for other great podcasts to check out while you wait.

Be sure to check us out on October 6th when we release Episode 52!

Mating Habits Classic: Episode 1 – All The Shout-outs!


While we’re on our break, listen to a Classic Episode of Mating Habits. Its one of my personal favorites, and one of our most-liked shows.

For the first ten minutes – before the classic episode plays – I give every shout-out imaginable to my fellow podcasters, and I tell you all about friend-of-the-show Kyle’s Carbon Dating Kickstarter Campaign.

There’s also a very special announcement about upcoming MHMG freebies…you don’t want to miss it.

Here be the LINKS!

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