Ep.99 – Finishing Moves: Score that second date!


It’s our penultimate episode! Sean Ryan takes a break from daddy detail to chat with me about getting that second date.

We spoil the shit out of Walking Dead, talk about Rise of the Tomb Raider, Destiny’s Festival of the Lost, and Sean archives the entirety of AlphaCounter.com for prosperity.

Tables are flipped and the begging begins in earnest for submissions for the last episode of Mating Habits, where all the hosts will be on hand to answer your questions, give your shoutouts, and bid farewell.


One thought on “Ep.99 – Finishing Moves: Score that second date!

  1. Obviously, the only logical conclusion to Mating Habits is an anything goes free for all fight to the death, with the victor starting a new podcast.

    My Money’s on Em.

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