Ep.95 – Millennials Can’t Even with Sex? #WTF?

They're downloading Mating Habits - can't blame 'em.

They’re downloading Mating Habits – can’t blame ’em.


Paris and The Business, LLC are back to help me figure out what’s going on with Millennials and why they’re not getting down like they used to in my day.

We also talk at length about the failures of Suicide Squad and the DC Movie Universe as a whole, beach trips, German DJ obsessions, and my willingness to give Voyager another try.

Tables get flipped, tales get told, get into it.




One thought on “Ep.95 – Millennials Can’t Even with Sex? #WTF?

  1. All the time I was listening to you all say, “I sure wish they’d do X in the live action DCU…” I kept screaming inside, “They’re doing all of those things on the CW shows…and doing it pretty well.”

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