I’m Creeping in Your Medias…


I have a confession to make.

If you’re my friend on social media platforms, and you’re single, and you’re one of those lovely vague posters (now subtweeter) I’ve probably creeped through your comments and replies. I only do it under the following circumstances:

I think you like someone, or I suspect someone else likes you, and the two of you have an interaction.

Whether it’s for show research purposes – watching two human beings flirt with one another, or whether it’s out of sheer voyeuristic delight, I love to see how my friends and acquaintances interact with one another.

It will start with a vague post: one of those vague-booking or sub-tweeting dealios where someone says something akin to, “I hate when it’s a beautiful day and I’m alone with nothing to do.”

When I see these posts, I get ready – there’s about to be an onslaught of “Likes,” comments, and rapid-fire messaging unloaded by the equally alone. Some will be timid and only Like or Favorite the post. Now, these Likers could have a twitchy click finger and be the types to like almost anything: photos of your cat, the fan page for RC Cola, a tip from your coworker about traffic on I-40 being at a stand-still…again…for the third time this week on a Wednesday. But some of them are silently saying, “Hey, I’d spend time with you – only I won’t say this to you in words. Your passive-aggressive attempts to make plans won’t be enough to draw me out of my shell.”

Then there are the Return-vaguers, who reply with an, “I hate that, too,” or a “I was thinking the same thing.” Some of these commenters probably just want to commiserate, but the Return-vaguer is actually one-upping the poster on their vagueness. Translated, they’re saying: You said you want to do a thing – instead of suggesting a thing, I’m going to say I ALSO want to do a thing in the hopes that YOU take the risk of asking me to go do that thing.

Then, there are the fast commenters. These are the deal-sealers who comment or direct-message with something like, “I’ve got tickets to an outdoor show and would love take you with me.” Even if they get rejected, they’ve put themselves ahead of those who passively Like, Favorite, or even Return-vague. Often, these people end up spending the day with someone any possibly having a great time, while all the timid Likers and Return-vaguers stay in and wonder why their tactics aren’t working. I see this on my social media feeds multiple times a week, and I am entertained.

So, yeah, this is a weird thing that I do. I find personal interactions fascinating, and if I know you, it just makes it better. Thanks!

“I’m peeking at you, bitches.”

Ep.47 – Hey, Hey, You, You: I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend



We’re back! Paris and The Business, LLC lend me their “studio” in this rambling episode where we discuss what to do if your friends and family don’t like your significant other, or what might be going on if you don’t like your friends’ significant others – 60 minutes into the show (in true MHMG Fashion).

We wax poetic about our favorite Netflix Originals; The Business, LLC has a fangasm over Dark Secrets, and we examine what happens when all the neckbeards don their fedoras and cry like babies over the latest Thor news.

Also, Dashcon was kind of an epic fail…a funny epic fail, but an epic fail all the same.

A spider tries to kill me and take over the show, and I flip tables over fan-entitlement, and The Business definitely doesn’t want to do work at your house.

BONUS: If you make it to the end of this episode, you get one extra hour in the ball pit!


Let it BURN!

buffy fire

I spent the last two days searching my apartment high and low for an important document. Now, I obtained said document in 2007. And here it is 2014, and I’m just getting around to needing to use it.

I can’t explain to you how lost one flimsy document can get in a two-bedroom apartment – especially since I only keep documents in about 5 different places – but I looked for this damn thing for hours. Hours!

During my archaeological-style dig through portfolios, file folders, binders, and old RPG core rule books, I came across all sorts of papers that I had, at one time, thought worthy of preservation. There were menus from fancy restaurants from dates with old boyfriends; receipts for vacation stays at romantic getaways from long ago. I even found documents and reviews from my old job, along with my termination letter.

Why did I keep any of these things? They weren’t mementos worthy of a scrapbook or any other method of display. They weren’t anything I could save for tax reasons. They didn’t have any real sentimental value – especially the termination letter – so why was I squirreling them away for safe keeping?

I made a decision. My apartment is too small for any of this useless minutia. I don’t need it, and holding on to any of it is just weighing me down. So, I burned it.

It was partly for catharsis, and partly because a lot of the documents had banking and Social Security information on them. Though, it did feel good to watch all those past loves, both relationship and career-related, disappear before my eyes. Now on to make better memories, and hopefully keep it all in “The Cloud.”

I finally found the important document I was looking for. It was locked away in my safe – where all important documents should be. Imagine that.

Happy 2-year Birthday, Mating Habits!


We’re 2 Years Old Today!

It was just a week over two years ago when I rented a room at the LaQuinta Inn in Durham and had 4 sets of amazing cohosts come in to record from 9am until 3am that next morning. By the end of the night I was exhausted, hungry, my voice was shot, and I was terrified that I would somehow lose the recorded data before I could figure out how to edit it and release it. On Monday, June 17, 2012 I uploaded Episode 1.

Here it is, two years later and I often edit episodes the day they air. At least I’m better at it now.

Thank you to all of our listeners, especially those who have been here since the beginning – it hasn’t always been easy, but it’s usually been lots of fun.

Mating Habits Classic: Episode 1 – All The Shout-outs!



While we’re on our break, listen to a Classic Episode of Mating Habits. Its one of my personal favorites, and one of our most-liked shows.

For the first ten minutes – before the classic episode plays – I give every shout-out imaginable to my fellow podcasters, and I tell you all about friend-of-the-show Kyle’s Carbon Dating Kickstarter Campaign.

There’s also a very special announcement about upcoming MHMG freebies…you don’t want to miss it.

Here be the LINKS!

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Happy 4th of July from Mating Habits!


So, don’t get too excited – I know that Cap is from Marvel and Wonder Woman, DC. I also know that Wonder Woman is from Themyscira and therefore, technically not American. But there has always ben something so patriotic to me about Wonder Woman (maybe it’s the costume) that I had to include this photo with the post.

Everyone have a safe time out there grilling meats and arguing over recent SCOTUS decisions. Food and fighting are a proud American Tradition!