Ep.46 – Looking for Group: Put Your Keys in the Bowl!


We’ve got an extra-long episode to keep you guys going during the break. Join Paris, The Business, LLC, and me – along with three interviews with people who are in non-manogamous relationships — as we delve into one of the most requested episode topics in Mating Habits history:

What’s up with all these open relationships and polyamorous folks?

The Business and I have a deep, theological discussion about the origin of the Smurfs, the existence of Smurf ejaculate, and a UNICEF ad that blew my mind. Paris tells us about how she and The Business have stepped outside their comfort zone and joined a kickball team – what the what?

Then, I welcome Vee, Jamie, and Josh to the show, where they open up about their current and past experiences with non-manogamy. Hopefully, what they share will inform, enlighten, and entertain you guys as much as it did me.

We flip tables over Ubisofts dumb response, Anita (I call her Anna the whole time) Sarkeesian’s latest offering, and people hating on the tiny Prius. They see you rollin’. They hatin’, Paris.


The Ethical Slut

Polyamory Weekly

Anita Sarkeesian’s Women as Background Decoration – Tropes vs Women

Observational Ramblings…I’m in a dating slump.


I spent the weekend “supervising” a space that my friends at Bottom Shelf Films were using to film an entry for the 48-Hour Film Project — not that they needed any supervision, but I’m gettng off-topic here — and I noticed something that has changed in the way I approach dating.

See, since I can remember, I have either been in a relationship or I have been looking for one.  When single, I used to enter a room full of people and immediately assess which men in the room were available to me and then, of those, which I would choose to pursue.  When in a relationship, I often tried to keep a “Plan B” on the side – someone who I would potentially try to date in the event that my current relationship failed.

However, as of late, I’ve noticed that I enter rooms with potential “Dateables” and immediately say, “Nope.  He’s not here.”

Now, I’ve been dating for quite some time and I can scan a room of 30 men and tell you which three are at the top of my predatory list.  The difference is these days, I don’t pick out the top three.  It’s as if I used to make the best of any potential dating situation, no matter the selection.  These days, if I scan the room of 30 men and there isn’t a guy that really appeals to me, I don’t approach any of them.

I no longer go out with guys from OKCupid to simply practice dating or just to have something to do.  I have stopped trying to kindle old flames with exes or with guy friends with whom, for whatever reason, I was never able to make it work.

I oscillate between being panicked about possibly missing out on opportunities, and satisfied that at least this way, I won’t rush into another bad relationship.  It’s a strange feeling to proclaim that at 36 years of age, at my current “fitness level” and professional status at this stage of my life, I’ve become so selective about who I choose to date that I say, “No,” more often than, “Yes.”

Leaving Writers’ Workshop last night, I passed through Atomic Empire and only gave a cursory glance to the many guys who were there playing games in the store.  The last time I was single, I would have made good eye contact and zeroed in on at least one of the guys there and tried to flirt.  But this time, I just couldn’t be bothered.

And I think I’m okay with this.

I wanted to go home and work on the next MHMG Episode and plan for my upcoming NYC trip anyway.  I’m pretty sure I won’t find the future Mr. Kelley Hightower at a NYC Pride event, but that’s okay, too.  He’s out there, and I’ll know him when I see him.

Ep.45 – The Nerd Church Invasion: Nobody Expects The Nerdish Inquisition!



The Clergy from The Nerd Church Podcast join me to discuss everything under the nerd sun, and share some of their most interesting dating stories.

Michael, Sean, Myles, Ira, Stan, and I talk about all of our current nerdy endeavors and pretty much agree that DS9 was the best Star Trek series (sorry, Ira).

The fetish freaks come out in spring, which gives me a new OkCupid Nightmare story to share about a Macrophile and his inability to “Use the Google.”

The guys share some of their great dating mishaps, Sean and I agree that spiders are the worst, and we flipped so many tables that the show has now been banned from all furniture stores in the Triangle.

So, put on your Sunday clothes and let us take you to church!

P.S. Thanks for the Saga recommendation, guys – I just finished Vol.1 and it’s amazing! Now, on to Sex Criminals!


The Nerd Church Podcast

The Nerd Church interviews Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg – Amazing!

Atomic Empire – a comic and game store with craft beer taps!

Ep.44 – Animazement 2014: The Panel in Review


WARNING: This may be a compilation of the absolute worst audio you’ve ever heard on this show. Aside from the echo chamber that is the Animazement panel, my headset mic bumped my glasses for the ENTIRETY of the show, and all I can do is apologize and remind you that this is why podcasts are free 🙂 I promise to get new equipment soon.

We did it again! With the help of Sean Ryan and William Bloodworth, we rocked the stage late into the wee hours of Animazement 2014. There were questions, buttons, a mic-hijacking, and sandwiches mentioned during our hour-long Mating Habits of the Modern Otaku: 2nd Date fan panel.

As always, I forget that I’m technically the host and I leave Sean hanging and checking my phone (just to keep track of the time – swear!), William is dressed as Kiruto and gets engaged to a small plushie Bulbasaur, and a rave happens elsewhere in the convention center that is so thunderous, the stage shakes the whole time. Oh, and we answered questions about dating.

Also in this show, I come up with some half-baked schemes for making money (patent pending) and Sean suggests we free all the caged autistic children from their neighborhood internment camps, only to make them available for cock-fighting style Yugio Tournaments – what a jerk!

At time marker 1:47, we come back after the panel audio to have a serious discussion regarding the recent tragic shootings and deaths in California. The tables are less flipped, and more firmly pounded as I discuss why the hashtag #YesAllWomen is a great thing, if fully understood, and how misogyny is hurting everyone…most of all men who aren’t misogynists.

Why It’s So Hard for Men to See Misogyny
Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds