Ep.37 – Single’s Survival Guide: Staying Afloat in the Sea of Sadness


Alpha Counter’s Sean Ryan braves “Snowmaggedon” to join me for this episode where we record against the odds and before the power goes out. We’re national heroes, really.

We discuss surviving being single – especially during this romantic time of year, reveal our ignorance about Americanized Mexican Holidays, and discuss some of the overlooked benefits to being single.

There’s a new segment called, “You Ain’t Gonna Believe This Shit – the Kelley Hightower Story,” where I discuss the weird shit that happens to me because of reasons – often it’ll be about dating.

We discuss the dangers of going too far with virtual relationships, I reveal my embarrassing affair with an AppleCareBot, and when the tables get flipped this episode, they’re all sports-related.

So, pull your drowning pony out of that sinking Swamp of Sadness, and ride off into this Neverending Story of dating!*

*See what I did there? You’re welcome.

Dinosaur Comics! http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=1350

Dinosaur Comics! http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=1350

I like sports AND Garfunkel and Oates!

Valentine’s Day REMIX!


While I edit Monday’s episode, take some time out of your romantic day to listen to our last Valetntine’s Day Episode:

Ep. 13 – VD and You: A Geek’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

dead-cupidJoin Q and me as we take a bitter and resentful look at Valentine’s Day and the commercialized nightmare it’s become. Wade through the jaded rhetoric to find ideas and suggestions for things to do if you’re in a relationship, and solutions for ways to deal with the holiday when you’re single. We discuss “Single Awareness Day,” and suggest that the whole holiday be renamed “Steak and a Blowjob Day.” Brought to you early for the express purpose of warning you that the See’s Candies Kiosk at the mall is only temporary – so you gotta get there in time!