Episode 25 – The Pick-Up Artist: Learn to Annoy Women and Strike Out with Finesse


Episode 25 – The Pick-Up Artist: Learn to Annoy Women and Strike Out with Finesse

If you’re looking to improve your chances with women, listen to MHMG. If you want to annoy 90% of the women around you and end up with the drunkest woman with the lowest self-esteem left at the bar, read a Pick-Up Artist-style “Seduction Manual.”

Join Alpha Counter’s Sean Ryan and me as we discuss what’s wrong with programs that promise you sex with high numbers of beautiful women. We tell the truth about The Mystery Method, and call out all the rest on their bullshit. Tables are flipped on behalf of women everywhere when we take the infamous Kickstarter Rape-Manual to task for being the epitome of doucheness.

ALSO: I tell you how to actually hook up at a convention. One-night-stands are a rite of passage, and as long as everyone knows what they’re getting, can be fun and enjoyable for all involved.

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Ep.24 – Geek Pride: The LGBTQ Episode!


Ep.24 – Geek Pride: The LGBTQ Episode!

I have a “Gay Old Time” this week with Michael calling in to co-host the first ever MHMG LGBTQ Edition! You cried out for it, so Michael and discuss what it’s like to be a single homosexual geek in the dating scene, what online resources and phone apps you can use to meet people, and how joining and starting LGTBQ + Straight Ally groups in your area not only benefit the community, but put you one step closer to meeting new people.

Michael and I have a BioWare-gasm in ShipperWars where we discuss every relationship choice in every BioWare franchise, and how everyone can agree that Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins is the bestest boyfriend ever, no matter your gender.


We Flip an important Table over the regressive path the great State of North Carolina is taking in recent months, and we basically tell the government to stay out of our bodies! (Be forewarned, I had to edit out 45 minutes of political topics from this Flippin’ Tables, so consider yourself lucky.)

There are Mass Effect spoilers, links below to other gay podcasts, cats in drag, and the parting knowledge that the summer’s hottest hashtag is #fitness. Get into it!

Chloe Sevigny
Drag Cats
Gay Pimpin’ with Jonny McGovern
ME3 Indoctrination Theory

Holy Cats, We Won Something!

Mating Habits of the Modern Geek is listed as one of DatingAdvice.com’s 10 Best Geeky Dating Blogs! Here’s what they said:

“Bragging Rights: Dating within your own species

Host Kelley Hightower brings together her love of romance and the geeky world. With accompanying podcasts, she offers guidance on traversing the dating scene with little athletic ability. Posts like “The Breakup Breakdown” and “What You’re Probably Missing” offer dating how-to’s for those on a love learning curve. Every facet of modern romance is explored, including sex, first dates and shaking things up.”

Check it out here: DatingAdvice.com – 10 Best Geeky Dating Blogs


Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day, Fellow Americans! Freedom and Liberty are important concepts, and while we continue to fight for all basic human rights (in some states more than others) let’s take some time today to appreciate our Nation’s bloody graduation from colony to nation state. The podcast will be taking a week off to celebrate and grill out, but we’ll return Monday the 15th with a brand new episode! Have a safe Fourth of July!