Ep.101 – We’re Back! Oh, what a difference a year makes.

If only I had more logos to put on this background!


It’s been a whole year since we Mating Habit-ed, but never fear! The show is basically the same as before: We ramble on about geeky things and useless facts well into the first hour, and casually discuss random dating topics eventually. I even fix The Business, LLC’s mic 50 minutes into the recording, so what better way to assure you that we’re still the same lovable, ASMR-style whispering goofballs that you remember from years past!

The show is going to go monthly, and possibly change format multiple times before I make up my mind about how I’d like it to go – much like my real-life dating habits – so please bear with.

Happy to be back with you again, and excited about the future!!

Ep.90 – You Pick Two: Movies that Hit or Missed the Mark



Paris and The Business, LLC are back to help me pick out romantic comedies that are both great or terrible examples of how relationships actually work.

They’ve been running in every 5K race in the area, Paris is meeting science celebs and The Business is obsessed with the best Twitter account ever created: Dungeons & Donalds! I’ve been working like crazy for the past two weeks, which is why this show is late AF!

Paris brings us a new game called Fortunately, Unfortunately, and tables get flipped over daily Staples emails, reactions to spoilers, and stupid stolen credit card questions.