Ep.50 – Accepting Change: So You’ve Regenerated, Now What?



It’s our 50TH EPISODE!

And we welcome William back to the show to discuss, in epic detail, the Season/Series 8 premiere of Doctor Who.

You wanted relationship advice? Oh, well, okay, we’ve got a little bit of that too. We ask ourselves the question:

If you could travel back in time and tell yourself something about the future of a relationship, what would you say (perhaps iteratively)? (Thanks, Colin!)

And we discuss what happens to relationships when people change over time. Yes, it’s still you, but you’re different somehow.

Tables get flipped over similar topics: Not all butts are drawn equally, and yes, Marvel, you’re better than DC…but that’s not saying much.


Special thanks to Steven and Smokey from History of Misunderstanding Podcast for the wonderful wishes all the way from across The Pond 🙂

The Controversial Covers Redrawn
Cosplay America

Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend! Now, get ready to come see us at tiltEXPO!


Ep.44 – Animazement 2014: The Panel in Review


WARNING: This may be a compilation of the absolute worst audio you’ve ever heard on this show. Aside from the echo chamber that is the Animazement panel, my headset mic bumped my glasses for the ENTIRETY of the show, and all I can do is apologize and remind you that this is why podcasts are free 🙂 I promise to get new equipment soon.

We did it again! With the help of Sean Ryan and William Bloodworth, we rocked the stage late into the wee hours of Animazement 2014. There were questions, buttons, a mic-hijacking, and sandwiches mentioned during our hour-long Mating Habits of the Modern Otaku: 2nd Date fan panel.

As always, I forget that I’m technically the host and I leave Sean hanging and checking my phone (just to keep track of the time – swear!), William is dressed as Kiruto and gets engaged to a small plushie Bulbasaur, and a rave happens elsewhere in the convention center that is so thunderous, the stage shakes the whole time. Oh, and we answered questions about dating.

Also in this show, I come up with some half-baked schemes for making money (patent pending) and Sean suggests we free all the caged autistic children from their neighborhood internment camps, only to make them available for cock-fighting style Yugio Tournaments – what a jerk!

At time marker 1:47, we come back after the panel audio to have a serious discussion regarding the recent tragic shootings and deaths in California. The tables are less flipped, and more firmly pounded as I discuss why the hashtag #YesAllWomen is a great thing, if fully understood, and how misogyny is hurting everyone…most of all men who aren’t misogynists.

Why It’s So Hard for Men to See Misogyny
Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds

Ep.43 – Cosplay and Web Comics: Making Connections Through Geek Art

*Audio should be fixed. If you downloaded the episode to a device before 7:30 pm EST, you may have to download it again. Sorry for the inconvenience.*

Cover Model Cassandra Cosplaying as a Phoenix!

Cover Model Cassandra Cosplaying as a Phoenix!


Carbon Dating by @CarbonKyle

I survived the Warrior Dash in time to bring you Episode 43 – Cosplay and Web Comics: Making Connections Through Geek Art. In this *Mega-Packed Episode* William and Cassandra join me to discuss cosplay, cosplayers, and making connections through geeky artistic endeavors.

BONUS CONTENT: I interview Kyle Saunders, the webcomic artist/creator of Carbon Dating, A Comic About Science, Pseudoscience, & Geeky Relationships. If you’re not reading this comic, get into it!

Cassandra talks about being a D20 Magazine Covergirl, and what it’s like to be a single cosplayer in the convention world. William tells of the trials and tribulations of a new cosplayer; and I panic over not being ready for our Animazement panel (Mating Habits of the Modern Otaku: 2nd Date, Friday Night/Saturday Morning at MIDNIGHT!).

We flip tables over and why I’m getting all the wrong kind of attention lately, William spouts knowledge about book-to-movie gripes, and Cassandra continues the MHMG tradition of telling us all about her worst OKC dating experience.

NB – No one wants to see your magic tricks. Don’t be a dick, and don’t do magic.


Ep.38 – The Tao of Jackass: Fuck Her Like a Fish!

Come inside my little castle!

Come inside my little castle!

Hello Sexy Goldfish!

William gets deep about his cosplay, we discuss a new way to figure out which pictures are working for you on OKC, and I bribe friends with beer and pizza to come to my house and build stuff.

Thankfully, William followed a link called “How Understanding Goldfish Can Get You Laid,” and discovered one of the absolute worst examples of how marketing and assholery can take advantage of those of us marooned on Lonely Geek Island. They’re lying to you when they tell you there’s something wrong with you – I promise.

This sort of marketing preys on guys with low self-esteem, and reinforces the resentment against women that is prevalent in our society (see Cracked.com link below). It’s not going to get you what you ultimately want, which is love and acceptance.

We flip tables over the misunderstood high-fashion magazine and the photoshop found therein, and the tragedy of Irrational Games closing shop – also, WTF, Sochi?



Show Note Links:

Triad Anime Con

OKC Photo Comparison Link

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

The Tao of Jackass…I mean Badass

Five Ways Men are Trained to Hate Women

Ep.36 – Effective Communication: No Battle Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy


William and I get detailed when we explain the difference between showing interest and being over-eager after that first date. Ignore all the rules and bad messages from movies like Swingers and learn how to make sure that special someone knows that you’re interested, without seeming desperate.

I give big props to Wicked Radio Network for their support and affiliation, and we get a timeslot on Radio FUBAR!

There’s talk of the final episode of Sherlock, William shares his adventures at Ichibancon 2014, and I reveal another terrible OKC message in this episode’s installment of Dating Horror Story: Online.

Tables are flipped over the reaction to NC’s new Amazon.com sales tax, and I rage over the misunderstood Alpha Male and why you might be one and just not know it.

We’ll be back on Feb 17th with new episodes chock full of helpful advice, dating blunders, and geek rage over things that don’t actually matter.


Wicked Radio Network
Man Poses as Woman on Online Dating Site, Barey Lasts Two Hours
How to Hack OKCupid
Amanda On The Edge: The Definition of an Alpha Male

Ep.34 Awkward and Shy, or Just Not That Into You? Discover the Difference!

Legolas: "Hey, Tauriel, want to be my girlfriend?" Tauriel: "No Thanks." Legolas: *She's just shy.*

Legolas: “Hey, Tauriel, want to be my girlfriend?”
Tauriel: “No Thanks.”
Legolas: *She’s just shy.*

This belated Holiday Week Edition of Mating Habits of the Modern Geek, join me and William as we tackle that age-old problem of determining whether that special crush is just too shy to talk to you…or they’re just not into you.

We catch up over Dragon’s Crown, Freedom Cry, and William reveals his cosplay plans for 2014!

I spin another yarn about a Dating Horror Story: Online, and William voices his complaints over chatty chicks who never want to do anything else.

It only takes us 52 minutes to get to the actual topic, where we admit that we’re all guilty of this. It’s always an awkward time when geeks who are awkward also like other awkward geeks. It’s easy to misinterpret the signs of uninterested for shyness.

So, get ready to be direct and bold, and be ready to accept the soft “No.”
William flips a table over folks who can’t deal with movie adaptations (congrats, you read a book), and I flip a table or two over people trying to fix me up with inappropriate matches for their own convenience.


NB:  The book title I butchered is actually: Something More Than Night by Ian Tregillis. http://iantregillis.com/ I HIGHLY recommend it.

Ep. 29 – Face Your Fears: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

photo (2)


Ep. 29 – Face Your Fears: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone


This week, William and I discuss the benefits of taking a step or two outside your comfort zone. Since nothing new happens when you don’t do anything new, turn your life into an adventure! Find other things you might be good at, and have opportunities to meet new people and/or have more things to talk about in conversations with strangers (see: Lesson 2!)

We discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., learn that the young women of America look up to William, and I was completely wrong about the government shut down – whatever.

Tables don’t stay “Flipless in Austin” when we take a look at every thing you should NEVER do when trying to find your soul mate. Bastards be crazy. You can check out all that magic below:


Homework for Lesson 3! Do something that you would normally avoid because it makes you feel vulnerable or alone, like go to a movie by yourself, eat at a restaurant alone, go to that MTG tournament, or that board game night at your local game store – not to look for mates, but to just get out there and do something!

Ep. 26 – Stats and Standards: “Y’all Got Issues”


Episode 26 – Stats and Standards: “Y’all Got Issues”

We’re 1 Year Old! Mating Habits presents our last episode of Cycle 5 where William and I break it down in plain English: There’s a reason why your online dating messages may not be getting a response, or why you may not be getting unsolicited messages from women. I finally announce my new Single Status, William and I share our latest “encounters” on OkCupid, and we dissect an interesting experiment performed by Jon Millward where it shows how women receive so many more unsolicited messages than men, she may be too fed up with “Hey, sexy,” and “Wanna fuck?” messages by the time she gets to yours – I know I am.

We also discuss how taking care of yourself and working on your outside appearance can help bolster the awesomeness you have inside. #fitness is the hottest hashtag of the summer, and taking care of your health and/or your appearance can help you build confidence, and help rejection hurt less. You don’t have to start working out everyday or buy a whole new wardrobe, but some simple changes can help you make the best impression possible.

Tables are flipped over the Reaction TO the Reaction TO the announcement of the 12th Doctor – folks overreact to the under reaction, and we react to that.

It’s been an amazing year, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Thank you for listening, for all of your support, and looking forward to many, many more years here at Mating Habits of the Modern Geek!


Cupid on Trial: A 4-month Online Dating Experiment Using 10 Fictional Singletons