Ep.101 – We’re Back! Oh, what a difference a year makes.

If only I had more logos to put on this background!


It’s been a whole year since we Mating Habit-ed, but never fear! The show is basically the same as before: We ramble on about geeky things and useless facts well into the first hour, and casually discuss random dating topics eventually. I even fix The Business, LLC’s mic 50 minutes into the recording, so what better way to assure you that we’re still the same lovable, ASMR-style whispering goofballs that you remember from years past!

The show is going to go monthly, and possibly change format multiple times before I make up my mind about how I’d like it to go – much like my real-life dating habits – so please bear with.

Happy to be back with you again, and excited about the future!!

Ep.100 – The World’s End: No really, it’s the fucking apocalypse.



This is it! Episode 100 – the final regularly scheduled episode of Mating Habits of the Modern Geek.

It’s a full house when Em, Andrew Bartlett, Paris, The Business, LLC and Sean Ryan join me to give the show a proper send off. It’s loud, chaotic, the cold open is too long, and as per usual, we barely mention dating – you know, a pretty standard show.

We do all flip a collective table over the probable end of Western Civilization.

As always, we owe everything to the folks who subscribe and listen to the show.

It has been an absolute pleasure, and hope to see you over on State of the Geek, We Don’t STOP for Chests, Colin!, or any of the other half dozen shows I’ll be on.

Please stay subscribed to make sure you don’t miss out on new sporadic Mating Habits Episodes that will be popping up from time to time.

Thank you – Kelley

Ep.97 – Level 2: “Troll the respawn, Jeremy”



Paris and The Business, LLC help me revisit our first Mating Habits episode together – Episode 2!

We change our minds about a couple of things when it comes to where to meet new people that you might want to date.

We also talk Rise of Iron, Longmire, and new podcasts. Tables get flipped over ghost tour guides, people who don’t like anything, and folks who should know how to act before they leave the house.

Check out my new show State of the Geek with Joe Hogan of Geektitude!

Ep.95 – Millennials Can’t Even with Sex? #WTF?

They're downloading Mating Habits - can't blame 'em.

They’re downloading Mating Habits – can’t blame ’em.


Paris and The Business, LLC are back to help me figure out what’s going on with Millennials and why they’re not getting down like they used to in my day.

We also talk at length about the failures of Suicide Squad and the DC Movie Universe as a whole, beach trips, German DJ obsessions, and my willingness to give Voyager another try.

Tables get flipped, tales get told, get into it.




Ep.85 – Highly Sexual Women: The Legend, The Facts, The Stigma.


Paris and The Business, LLC are back to help me talk about how society treats women who are comfortable with their sexuality, how suggesting that women who have sex “as if they’re men” is inherently sexist, and how just because a woman has sex freely with multiple people doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with you – and that’s okay.

Paris conquers the climate world by volunteering at museums and giving scientific talks on mountain tops; The Business listens to every podcast imaginable; and I discuss everything from 10 Cloverfield Lane (Guaranteed: SPOILER FREE!), to my love of British panel shows and Richard Herring.

We each get to choose a superpower for just one day and tables are flipped over people who are rude to waitstaff, porn addictions, and Millennials telling me to “get informed” at their own peril.


Ep.82 – Creating a Welcoming Environment: No One Likes a Gatekeeper.

The only Gatekeeper we want to be around.

The only Gatekeeper we want to be around.


Andrew makes it safely into the Mating Habits Studio to help me discuss problematic friends who may be keeping new people from joining your social circle. We go over some tell-tale signs of “Gatekeeping” and how the lack of new people entering your friend groups might have something to do with the unwelcome environment you’ve unknowingly created.

Andrew puts the “fun” in work function and becomes a new uncle! I’m doing guest spots, discovering new podcasts, and watching X-Files. Our Meetup Group, Trigger Warning: Geeks! is in danger, girl – and I don’t have a good solution.

We did a Periscope thing! Yet another new game, Who’s Pickup Line is it Anyway? is the perfect game for live audience participation, and we actually had some live audience participation! We may be Periscoping again in the future, so download the free app to your smart phone and follow @MatingHabits – we’ll follow you back, I promise 🙂

Tables are flipped over stupid restaurant policies and folks doing good works for the sole purpose of posting about them on social media.


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Cock Tales Over Cocktails Podcast
Destiny Ghost Stories Podcast

Mating Habits of the Modern Geek: Love and Dating within Your own Species – your comedy source for relationship advice for geeks and nerds.


Ep.80 – Mating Habits Year End Spectacular: It’s Been Real, 2015.



*WARNING #1: The sound quality of this recording is ROUGH. Paris’s mic is malfunctioning (or off), I’m having a 2-hour long asthma attack, and I didn’t check it like I should have. I apologize for the quality, and offer this solution: Imagine that I am sitting really close to you while we’re listening to Paris and The Business, LLC over speakerphone…only you don’t get to contribute to the conversation because they don’t know you’re there. If you have a good imagination, you can get through this one!

*Warning #2: We talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens a lot. If you don’t want to be spoiled, please don’t listen until after you’ve seen it.

2015 is almost over, and Paris and The Business join me to say goodbye to an eventful year, talk about Star Wars, The Hateful Eight, brag about our sparrow racing talents in Destiny, and give thanks that Paris is done with classes.


We provide some First-Date Triage for when things go horribly wrong on a first date, and a listener shares a first-date experience with us on which we give some perspective.

We review the major things that happened to us over the year, and flip tables over the inability to let go and the inability to spell a name correctly.

Have a safe and Happy New Year, everyone!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Ep.75 – The Art of Small Talk: Society’s Neccessary Evil



We’re waterlogged down here in North Carolina, but Paris, The Business, LLC, and I paddled our way through the floods to record another episode of Mating Habits.

I had a date night and saw The Martian, Paris and The Business talk about The Awesomes on Hulu, And we’re excited about the return of The Muppets. Also, we finally get to squee about The Taken King, since the Destiny Step it Up To the Streets clan is in the house!

This episode’s topic is Small Talk: Why it’s important, how it can help you make better social connections, and ways to keep conversations going when you meet someone new.

We flip some serious tables over space invaders, un-American weather models, and gun-control.

Small Talk Topic Ideas
More Small Talk Topic Ideas



Ep.71 – Enthusiastic Consent: GET HYPE!!



I infiltrate Alpha Counter Studios and bring Sean Ryan and The Business, LLC back for Episode 71 – the one where we cover the controversial topic of Enthusiastic/Affirmative Consent, and why it’s important.

The Business almost ruins a budding friendship by drunk live tweeting Justice League episodes, and tries to salvage things by inviting his new friend on a beat ’em up side scroller. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Sean gets sunburned at a crowded bdsm-themed bungalow at the beach and meets a beautiful man named Ram Gabriel.

While they were sunning and funning at the beach, I stayed home and had a yard sale – don’t be too jealous. And my copies of Exploding Kittens finally got here!!

We tackle the idea of enthusiastic and affirmative consent: What is it? Why do we need it? What’s with the double standard? What does it say about you, as a person, if the concept of affirmative consent is unacceptable to you? (HINT: If it bothers you too much, you might be part of the problem.)

This is the best visual example of why this is important:

We flip new tables about bad communicators, the impregnable login guards at Steam, and how Trigger Warnings have gotten out of damn hand.


The double standard here is a problem.

The double standard here is a problem.

Ep.70 – Playing Games Wastes Everyone’s Time: Stop Being So Damned Aloof.



We made it to Episode 70! It’s our 3rd anniversary, and 70 episodes later we’re still going strong.

We ramble on about Batman: Arkham Knight, my haunted second bedroom, and my dead grandma’s new Twitter account. Paris and The Business, LLC talk about their wedding and show unmarried listeners what they have to look forward to when they finally find their true loves.

The Business, LLC thinks kids who’ve lost their hair due to chemotherapy are just Airbenders. and he has concerns about the recently bankrupt 50 Cent. Paris has got all the latest Reddit news and shares her concerns, and we come up with a new teen magazine for Star Wars nerds: PalpaTEEN!

For the main topic, we focus specifically on what’s been happening in my dating life over the past month and why guys who I’m chatting with seem so aloof and uninterested after the initial online connection. The Business shares some interesting insights as to what might actually be happening, Paris is concerned with why it’s always up to the girl to steer the conversation, and I give some advice to guys in the dating world who are striking out and don’t know why — is it because you’re doing the things we’re talking about?

Tables are flipped over smug guys I went out with once or twice two years ago who think I owe them sexting, and Paris is furious about internet trolls who just don’t get it.

Were taking a small summer break and will return with Episode 71 in three weeks. In the meantime, check out what’s shaking over at Alpha Counter, any of the #PodPals podcasts, and please listen to the first episode of Room 173 with M3JCNV – My Fair Andrew’s new solo show!

Ask Jono knows what we're talking about.

Ask Jono knows what we’re talking about.

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