We need your help with Episode 69: THE VIRGINITY EPISODE!


We’re looking for submissions, interviews, unusual stories about your first time, or why it hasn’t happened for you yet. Send them in via moderngeekcast@gmail.com, @MatingHabits DM, or get in touch with me to schedule a skype interview before July 1 – as always, great pains will be taken to protect your identity and this is a JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE, even though I have many opinions on the matter, your concept of virginity and its importance (or lack thereof) will always be respected.

Come participate with us!

Call for submissives…er, submissions!


It’s time for the audience participation cycle-ending episode all about sexual kinks! We’re taking submissions for the next episode of Mating Habits between now and May 15th.
So, send us your most private stories about your own personal kinks, your experience with the kinks of others, or any questions you want us to answer on the air about the diverse world of paraphilias, and the variety of interesting humans we share the planet with.

The email is moderngeekcast@gmail.com

As always, your email and direct message submissions will be handled with respect and you will retain COMPLETE ANONYMITY! neither the co-hosts nor the audience will ever learn who you are, and this will be a JUDGEMENT-FREE episode. It take all types to fill the freeway, and I’m the last person to judge whatever floats your boat.

Let’s make this another in a long line of audience participation episodes!

Have a Cheating Story You’d Like to Share on the Show?

We’re looking for people to interview for the next episode of Mating Habits! Want to talk to us about someone who has cheated on you? Have you ever cheated on a significant other, but want to tell your side of the story? Do you have a headset mic and access to Skype?

Let us know! We’ll keep everything 100% confidential by changing your name, etc – like we did for our “Alternative Relationships” episode. Just send us a FB message, Direct Message to @MatingHabits, leave a comment below, or email us at moderngeekcast@gmail.com

The episode will be about all aspects of infidelity in relationships, and will be a judgment-free zone – we promise 🙂


Mating Habits Classic: Episode 3 – Relationship Konami Code


In this classic Mating Habits Episode, Paris and The Business, LLC join me to tackle those tough relationship milestones; living together, combining religious beliefs, introducing fandom, geekery, and kinks, etc. I’ve added some fun new promos, but otherwise the bad sound quality is due to the age of the original recording – look at it like you’re listening to a vintage cassette tape.


Here’s the link to the original show notes:

Ep.35 – Relationship Konami Code: Tackle Those Hard Levels with Ease!

Ep.56 – Mating Habits of the Loose Screws: Not Your Mama’s Mash-up



Mating Habits takes in on the road to the Two Loose Screws studio and tries to acclimate to the comic stylings of Jason Roberson and Andrew Bartlett.

In this deluxe-length show, we talk about disappointing zombie movies, we finally get “Suspender’s Chair” on the show. We talk about casting pods, and why I sound like Bruce from Family Guy sometimes.

We get down and dirty with stories from my past in the adult entertainment industry, offensive shirts from band trips, and I question the guys about their dreams and aspirations for life, and for the show.

In true Mating Habits fashion, we swap awkward dating stories and Jason flips a table I thought I already righted from podcasts past. I laugh at folks who don’t understand the difference between censorship and the free market system, and Andrew doesn’t understand what part of customer manners you don’t understand.

**Listen at around the 1:59 -2:01 time stamp for a special Holiday Announcement from me regarding the Mating Habits of the Modern Geek episode release schedule for the month of December. Enjoy!

Ep.50 – Accepting Change: So You’ve Regenerated, Now What?



It’s our 50TH EPISODE!

And we welcome William back to the show to discuss, in epic detail, the Season/Series 8 premiere of Doctor Who.

You wanted relationship advice? Oh, well, okay, we’ve got a little bit of that too. We ask ourselves the question:

If you could travel back in time and tell yourself something about the future of a relationship, what would you say (perhaps iteratively)? (Thanks, Colin!)

And we discuss what happens to relationships when people change over time. Yes, it’s still you, but you’re different somehow.

Tables get flipped over similar topics: Not all butts are drawn equally, and yes, Marvel, you’re better than DC…but that’s not saying much.


Special thanks to Steven and Smokey from History of Misunderstanding Podcast for the wonderful wishes all the way from across The Pond 🙂

The Controversial Covers Redrawn
Cosplay America

Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend! Now, get ready to come see us at tiltEXPO!


Mating Habits Classic: Episode 1 – All The Shout-outs!



While we’re on our break, listen to a Classic Episode of Mating Habits. Its one of my personal favorites, and one of our most-liked shows.

For the first ten minutes – before the classic episode plays – I give every shout-out imaginable to my fellow podcasters, and I tell you all about friend-of-the-show Kyle’s Carbon Dating Kickstarter Campaign.

There’s also a very special announcement about upcoming MHMG freebies…you don’t want to miss it.

Here be the LINKS!

Alpha Counter

Nerd Church Podcast

Anywhere But Here Podcast

History of Misunderstanding Podcast

Drunk Geek Blog Podcast

New Nerds on the Block Podcast

Two Loose Screws Podcast

Carbon Dating Kickstarter Campaign


Ep.46 – Looking for Group: Put Your Keys in the Bowl!


We’ve got an extra-long episode to keep you guys going during the break. Join Paris, The Business, LLC, and me – along with three interviews with people who are in non-manogamous relationships — as we delve into one of the most requested episode topics in Mating Habits history:

What’s up with all these open relationships and polyamorous folks?

The Business and I have a deep, theological discussion about the origin of the Smurfs, the existence of Smurf ejaculate, and a UNICEF ad that blew my mind. Paris tells us about how she and The Business have stepped outside their comfort zone and joined a kickball team – what the what?

Then, I welcome Vee, Jamie, and Josh to the show, where they open up about their current and past experiences with non-manogamy. Hopefully, what they share will inform, enlighten, and entertain you guys as much as it did me.

We flip tables over Ubisofts dumb response, Anita (I call her Anna the whole time) Sarkeesian’s latest offering, and people hating on the tiny Prius. They see you rollin’. They hatin’, Paris.


The Ethical Slut

Polyamory Weekly

Anita Sarkeesian’s Women as Background Decoration – Tropes vs Women

Last Call, You Villanous Scum!


Okay, you’re not all villanous scum…sorry about that.

Last call for all those burning questions you’ve been wanting to ask me and Sean about geeky dating, relationships, recipes, and secret passwords to get you into all the cool room parties at conventions.

We’ve got a good number of questions so far, but I wanted to give everyone until Tuesday, April 8th to get them to us.

Leave them in the comments, or email them to moderngeekcast@gmail.com