Ep.76 – Paying for Sex: The Ins and Outs of the Adult Entertainment Industry


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Prepare for our triumphant return with an exciting, interview-packed, super-sized episode of Mating Habits!

Sean Ryan and I discuss the ins and outs (pun intended) of the adult entertainment industry and how it relates to those of us in the geek community. Some of the things we discuss may be illegal or otherwise not allowed where you live, so take everything we say with a grain of salt – we are not suggesting anyone listening to this show engaging in any illegal acts, nor are we suggesting actually following any of the suggestions we do give. We’re not actual life coaches 🙂

I score the interview of the century with everyone’s favorite purveyor of all things Japanese, Peter Payne of JList! Peter teaches me about the Japanese attitude of “Shō ga nai,” where they’ve given up on trying to change what people want to do in the privacy of their own homes, and simply say, “It cannot be helped.” It’s a wonderful philosophy.

While you’re listening to the interview, please check out JList and all the things (not just the adult stuff) that you can find to satisfy your Japanese cravings:
And check out Peter Payne’s blog about Japanese culture and more at:
JList Blog

Sean and I also gab about our latest video game obsessions with Transformers: Devastation and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, how much fun the Supergirl pilot was, and we relive the epic night that was Sean and Vane’s Spooky Birthday Party.

Tables get flipped over Campbell’s Soup potentially ruining Star Wars, and how the only thing you should ever flip are pancakes, scripts, and tables – never teenagers in their desks at school.


Gorgeous photo shoot of Model: Cyndi Dawn
Photographer: Somer Ahonen of Lockbox Studios

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Ep.74 – Strange Dates: A Mixed Bag of What the Actual Fuck?



Sean Ryan saves my bacon and joins me to share weird and awkward dating stories – Sean’s story list consists of famous cousins, dangerous almost-cholas, and disappearing Nigerians. My stories include an in-date level-up and being held hostage at a farmer’s market – and strange dating customs from around the world.

The universe hates Sean’s new car – a lot, and he has Last of Us frustrations…still. We can’t get drunk, even at my birthday party; and Wil Wheaton ruins EVERYTHING! Destiny: The Taken King has come out, so basically, my life is suddenly too busy to get a podcast out on time.

Tables get flipped over literal “Party Poopers,” and how no one on Last of Us has any muscle memory after years of surviving in the clicker-filled post apocalypse.

Could you take fewer than 5 minutes to load that bullet?!  Could you?!!

Could you take fewer than 5 minutes to load that bullet?! Could you?!!

Or two...or a damn half-dozen!

Or two…or a damn half-dozen!

Check out MoatCon4!
Fathom Events – Doctor Who in 3D!
There’s a Batman Day?
Crazy Dating Practices
Empty Sheathes and more!
13 Weird Dating Practices from Other Countries

Ep.71 – Enthusiastic Consent: GET HYPE!!



I infiltrate Alpha Counter Studios and bring Sean Ryan and The Business, LLC back for Episode 71 – the one where we cover the controversial topic of Enthusiastic/Affirmative Consent, and why it’s important.

The Business almost ruins a budding friendship by drunk live tweeting Justice League episodes, and tries to salvage things by inviting his new friend on a beat ’em up side scroller. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Sean gets sunburned at a crowded bdsm-themed bungalow at the beach and meets a beautiful man named Ram Gabriel.

While they were sunning and funning at the beach, I stayed home and had a yard sale – don’t be too jealous. And my copies of Exploding Kittens finally got here!!

We tackle the idea of enthusiastic and affirmative consent: What is it? Why do we need it? What’s with the double standard? What does it say about you, as a person, if the concept of affirmative consent is unacceptable to you? (HINT: If it bothers you too much, you might be part of the problem.)

This is the best visual example of why this is important:

We flip new tables about bad communicators, the impregnable login guards at Steam, and how Trigger Warnings have gotten out of damn hand.


The double standard here is a problem.

The double standard here is a problem.

Ep.68 – Assorted Meats and Cheeses: Post-wedding Drunken Convos



Sean Ryan of Alpha Counter joins me to continue what might have been one of the best conversations we ever had after two drinks…then we had a third drink and totally forgot what we were talking about. This episode is the result of that decision.

I watched the EA portion of E3 and share my disappointments and excitements. I’m in an abusive relationship with Ubisoft and I’m going back to them for Assassin’s Creed: Victory. You just don’t understand Ubisoft like I do – and in their defense, they only beat me when I deserve it. There’s more Mass Effect Pretty and The Last Guardian has a release date – and you know that’s not going to have a happy ending.


WE SPOIL THE SHIT OUT OF GAME OF THRONES, so there’s your warning. If you haven’t seen the finale, I suggest you stop listening at the warning and come back in at the 40-minute mark. I will tell you that you should probably begin your HYPE preparations for CLEGANEBOWL!

Piecing together the memories of that night, Sean and I discuss the Uncanny Valley we experience when we look at photos of ourselves, and the body image issues we all face. We compare toxic relationships from our past and try to figure out why we stayed so long. It was an interesting night, and would have made for an interesting show if we could have remembered it.

We flip tables over the spoiler police and frustration over movie poster billing. Also, we’ve now got an Amazon Banner for you to click through.



Here’s a great example of Meats and Cheeses:


This is nightmare fuel:


Ep.66 – The Kink Episode: The Listeners Have Been Very Naughty…


Ep.66 – The Kink Episode: The Listeners Have Been Very Naughty…

We begged for it, and you gave it to us!

Paris and the Business join me this week for a super-sized show about various kinks and fetishes to satisfy our curiosities.

We discover The Business is a damned Hawk, talk about getting “Wifed,” while playing video games, and Paris gets her first taste of a childhood movie being rebooted.

We’re 100 percent wrong about the ending of Mad Men but whatever, we were right about everything else.

We just saw Mad Max and WE LOVED IT! Spoilers abound as we tell you all the ways this is the best movie of the summer.

Thanks to the generosity of our brave listeners, we have a couple of interviews and some great emails (Narrated by Sean Ryan of Alpha Counter) and we discuss paraphilias and fetishes in general, sharing some of our own kinks as well.

It’s the final installment of My Fair Andrew 🙁 They grow up so fast. Even though it’s sad to see him go, we were happy to take the journey with him. Find out how his experienced helped him, and what he has planned for the near future.

Tables get flipped, y’all. I’m tired of people policing what other people wear, The Business is over potlucks and 100% done with home brews, and Paris thinks Facebook is the last place you want to ask for advice when buying tech.

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List of Paraphilias Wiki

Kink: Documentary

Links attached to the third listener email:
Tame Transformer Fan Art

Ep.63 – Catfished: Reeled in Hook, Line, and Sinker



Sean Ryan of Alpha Counter joins me in my sick, weakened state for another jam-packed episode of Mating Habits.

This episode, we discuss the act of “Catfishing,” an internet phenomenon that happened to me a couple of weeks ago, and we’re lucky enough to have listener-submitted emails sharing their catfish sagas, and we even snag an interview with our own Paris who comes clean in Paris’s Catfish Confessions – she’s been a bad girl…

We also discuss our recent ventures into film making with Bottom Shelf Films, delve into the Walking Dead Finale for some quick speculations, and I caught a Zeff Cold from my friends at the Die Antwoord concert.

Things are looking up for our hero in this edition of My Fair Andrew – but let’s not jinx it 😉

We flip tables over “Innocents” in the comment sections, and folks who don’t like to have fun, especially on April Fool’s Day.

Trigger Warning: Jokes.

The first photo is the one by which I was catfished. The second is who the guy in the first photo really is. *sigh*

Bottom Shelf Films
Die Antwoord


Ep.61 – The Infidelity Episode: Once Bitten Twice Geek

At least she didn't litter when she threw away your love

At least she didn’t litter when she threw away your love


What happens when you ask the internet to share personal stories about infidelity with you? A 3 hour and 15 minute podcast, that’s what. But look at it this way, you’ve got three weeks to listen to it while we go on our cycle break.

Sean Ryan of Alpha Counter invites us into his studio to talk about one of the most negative sides to dating and relationships: cheating.

Emails and interviews came pouring in from you, the much-loved listeners, and in addition to some emails (a couple of them from fellow #PodPals) we got five interviews from all sides of the spectrum: Bill, Pete, and Erin are straight-up cheated on, while Amy and Dandy – well, it’s more complicated. We thank them profusely for coming forward and sharing their personal stories. We truly have the best listeners in the world!

In more faithful news, we geek out over Destiny, and a game called Starwhal where you can be a narwhal in an afro, dressed in a sushi costume, piercing the hearts of your fellow narwhals IN SPACE!

We check in with My Fair Andrew for reports from his fourth task and assign his fifth – always a delight!

Sadly, the 24-hour news stations had to take a break from reporting about llamas in blue/black or white/gold dresses to deliver the sad news that Leonard Nimoy passed away on Friday, February 27th at the age of 83. He was beloved, lived long and prospered, and his talents will live on forever.

Tables get up-ended over guys who respond to regular non-flirty question with confirmation that they have a girlfriend/wife/partner, and Sean wants you to give up he ghost on any of your comic movies ever being like it was, “Well, in the comic…”

See you back on March 23rd for another round of Mating Habits – don’t go cheating on us with any other nerdy relationship podcasts. We’ll find out!

Music by The Dandy
Devil Beside Me Facebook Page
Jane McGonigal Ted Talk about Super Better


Mating Habits of the Modern Geek 2014 Holiday Spectacular!



We gather together at this special time of year to celebrate friendship and fandom. I set up in the kitchen studio of The Business, LLC and Paris, and Sean and Vane Ryan of AlphaCounter come by to make merry.

I did a twitch thing – twice! And I am wracked with guilt about killing sleepy dragons.

Steven Segal saves Christmas. Jem and the Holograms are back, and they’re not grunge. Thundercats are still RAD, and The Secret is bullshit.

We premier our newest business venture were we dress as post-apocalyptic bards and we sing about ’80s and ’90s action movies as if they were real historical epics at RenFaires and Cons.

There’s a lot of singing in this episode, and none of us were drinking. We have a Total Eclipse of the Heart, thanks Bonnie Tyler!

I announce a new episode segment for 2015 that involves Andrew from Two Loose Screws where we follow his step by step progress in gaining confidence and getting out there to meet new people. I want to apologize in advance to him if I decide to call the segment, “My Fair Andrew.”

Black Mirror is the best/most messed up thing on Netflix right now. My Next Tweet scares us (or maybe it’s just our predictability that frightens us…)
Sad Country Christmas Songs can just bugger off, we’ve decided. Nothing ruins the Holiday Season more than songs about poor, frozen and/or beaten-to-death children.

Jon Hamm in Black Mirror on Netflix?  It truly is a Merry Christmas...

Jon Hamm in Black Mirror on Netflix? It truly is a Merry Christmas…

From all of us over at Mating Habits of the Modern Geek: Have a Safe and Festive Holiday!

Mating Habits of the Modern Geek: Love and Dating within Your own Species – your comedy source for relationship advice for geeks and nerds!

Ep.55 – Social Justice and Dating: Navigating the Minefield



We try Galahad, have thoughts, and live to tell them.


Sean buys a new Skeletor-indorsed car for his family, which transforms the show into Car Talk for a few minutes.

Kevin and I (and Paris) have fun NCComicon-style, there’s a small Interstellar review, and I finally buy a PS4 so I can play Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Lately, everyone’s upset about one thing or another, and we’ve collected our thoughts about one slice of the “Offensive Pie” – How to not piss off folks who don’t fit in the gender binary. There are several ways your conversation can go wrong when speaking with someone who is transgendered, non-heterosexual, et cetera. The good news is that your intent can be a life saver.

We also discuss things from the other side of this “divide” as folks who fit the binary, but who also want to educate themselves, make everyone feel welcome, but also don’t want to be yelled at for trying 🙂

Tables are flipped over “Surprise Christmas,” corporate speak, and mismanaged convention spaces.

Oh, and we invent a mascot for the argumentative geek – “Will Actually.”

Glossary of Terms
Too Many Cooks!
Straight Guys at the Gay Bar
What to Say Comic

Ep.54 – Success Stories: You Got High Score, Now Enter Your Initials!



This week, MHMG welcomes the lovely and talented Vane Ryan (Sean’s better half) to the show to join Sean and I in discussing the success story of their relationship. You can chart the progression of their entire meeting, dating, moving in, and getting married if you listen to past episodes of the show 🙂 Vane explains how she narrowly avoided kissing Sean on the first date, mixing well with all of Sean’s crazy friends (i.e. Us!) and making life-altering decisions based on the heart – which is often a scary concept.

I complain about hipster beards at the Barcade, Sean wants a trigger warning for Alien: Isolation – which I finally finished!

Marvel plans your movie schedule for the next five years, and it’s exciting!


For our success story, Sean and Vane discuss being brave, embracing other cultures, and just going for the things that you know in your heart are right, and will make you happy.

Tables are flipped over mystery poo pipes in RTP offices, blatant racism in banks, and folks who don’t take your fears seriously.