Ep.58 – Nice Guys Part II: Being Bitter Isn’t Helping



Back in the studio with Paris and The Business, LLC, and we’re discussing the plight of the oppressed, bullied male nerd, and why the entitlement that is sometimes felt by said nerds could be sabotaging their interactions with women. Passivity never pays off, but being aggressive might not be in your wheelhouse – what then?

Life isn’t fair, and the sooner you except this, the sooner you can start leveling the playing field by playing the cards you’ve been dealt.

All of this is in response to the Dr. NerdLove article that was everyway on the interwebs last week: What’s Really Wrong With Nice Guys – Entitlement, Nerds and Neanderthals


Amish Romance? It’s a thing. I am tragically white, and I apologize. While I’m finishing/shipping on Assassin’s Creed: Rogue and watching all the shoujo and boys love anime, Paris and The Business find a new show called Community, I have mixed Agent Carter feelings, and there’s a show about loli battleships that have strategic sex – thanks, Japan.

Africa is big, y’all, and not completely covered in ebola.

The Business does the Shim-sham with his Jim Jam in Dragon Age: Inquisition and we’re all loving Archer, just because. And apparently there’s a selfie stick designed especially for looking at butts? Also, what happens when women accept compliments online?

The first installment of My Fair Andrew is here, where we check in with Andrew to see how talking with strangers went – hilarity ensues.

We flip tables over how I want to be equal, but also special (shut up) and how if you share an office with someone, you should wash your ass.

This Is What Happens When Women Actually Accept A Compliment From A Man Online


Ep.57 – Something New and Christmas Who: Introducing “My Fair Andrew”



What happens when two people who love to talk are put on the same podcast? Epic-length show!

Andrew from Two Loose Screws stops by to discuss anything and everything, including Andrew’s Vine fame (Look him up – username: M3JCNV), the horrors of working retail during the holidays and returned mince meat pies, and the country song-like ballad of Grandma’s Tiny Christmas Tree.

I’m officially a member of #PodPals, Hooray! I finish Dragon Age: Inquisition, fail at doing so on Twitch, and finally try Destiny, which is pretty fun.

Hackers are bullshit assholes, both at home and abroad.

We go deep with a discussion about the Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Last Christmas. It’s a Mating Habits tradition.

New Episode Segment: May Fair Andrew

Andrew plays the Audrey Hepburn to my Rex Harrison (go watch some great classic movies, damn it!) in a new segment called: “My Fair Andrew” where we follow his progress as he builds his self-confidence and gets better at meeting and talking to new people. We’ll be checking in on him as the weeks go by to follow his progress through different challenges that should help him get better at socializing with strangers and building confidence. Wish him luck!

Pro-tip: Don’t ask people questions like, “How much does your skin weigh on its own?”

You won’t get advice of this quality anywhere else – guaranteed.

Tables get flipped over strangers arguing with me on OKC, and Andrew likes to keep it vanilla, and that’s just fine. He has enough personality that he doesn’t need your flashy flavors!


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“Would he, Coral? CORAL!”