Episode 7: Breaking the Ice – The Bookstore Edition

Breaking the Ice – The Bookstore Edition

In this Episode, Shane and Mimi help me revisit the ever-important topic of “Breaking the Ice,” at bookstores. We discuss ways to strike up conversations, avoiding topics like politics, religion, and Twilight, and how being a dick is never attractive. Afterwards, we expand on our previous LARP discussion and discover that Chivalry is not dead, one should live life to the fullest, and that LARP can be a magical place to meet like-minded costumed-types.

Apologies in advance for the cold that has plagued my voice, and I await praise and congratulations for editing out almost all of the coughs.


Level 5 – Finishing Moves – How to go from “Kicking rocks,” to kissing faces.

Cycle 1, we hardly knew ya…


In this week’s Episode, we close out Cycle 1 with a discussion about how to seal the deal at the end of a date.  My co-hosts, Shane and Mimi, share with us their adventures in love that began at LARP, and continues in a future Gypsie Caravan into the sunset.  We’ll cover awkward end-of-date “kicking rocks” situations, comunicating desires, and end up doing some wedding planning to put and end cap on our journey through dating.  Cycle 2 starts soon – see you in a couple of weeks – and thank for listening and participating!

Bonus:  A prize to the first person who can tell me the time stamp of the following phantom sounds:  A dog drinking water, two cat meows, a satisfied purr, and a plastic peanut butter jar being tongue-cleaned on a kitchen floor.