Call for submissives…er, submissions!


It’s time for the audience participation cycle-ending episode all about sexual kinks! We’re taking submissions for the next episode of Mating Habits between now and May 15th.
So, send us your most private stories about your own personal kinks, your experience with the kinks of others, or any questions you want us to answer on the air about the diverse world of paraphilias, and the variety of interesting humans we share the planet with.

The email is

As always, your email and direct message submissions will be handled with respect and you will retain COMPLETE ANONYMITY! neither the co-hosts nor the audience will ever learn who you are, and this will be a JUDGEMENT-FREE episode. It take all types to fill the freeway, and I’m the last person to judge whatever floats your boat.

Let’s make this another in a long line of audience participation episodes!