I Love Felicia Day. You should, too.

So, while we wait for Episode 3 – (Level 3 – Pulling the Elite) to be edited and published, take a minute to check out Geek & Sundry, if you haven’t already.


Geek & Sundry was founded by the creators of The Guild, and showcases some of the funniest videos in the indie-geek genre.  As a huge fan/supporter of Felicia Day (if you wonder why she needs support – just Google her name and the term, “Booth Babe,” and you’ll get the scoop) I want to let everyone know about her VLOG or FLOG, as she calls it.

It’s flaming hilarity.

Geeks supporting geeks…it’s what we all should do.  *The more you knoooowww**rainbowed*

Episode 3 will be fresh outta the oven on Monday, August 13th.  See you then!