Ep.100 – The World’s End: No really, it’s the fucking apocalypse.



This is it! Episode 100 – the final regularly scheduled episode of Mating Habits of the Modern Geek.

It’s a full house when Em, Andrew Bartlett, Paris, The Business, LLC and Sean Ryan join me to give the show a proper send off. It’s loud, chaotic, the cold open is too long, and as per usual, we barely mention dating – you know, a pretty standard show.

We do all flip a collective table over the probable end of Western Civilization.

As always, we owe everything to the folks who subscribe and listen to the show.

It has been an absolute pleasure, and hope to see you over on State of the Geek, We Don’t STOP for Chests, Colin!, or any of the other half dozen shows I’ll be on.

Please stay subscribed to make sure you don’t miss out on new sporadic Mating Habits Episodes that will be popping up from time to time.

Thank you – Kelley

Ep.98 – Level 3-4 Replay: Brave-ing up is Hard to Do.



Em survives Hurricane Matthew and joins me for our next revisit of episodes 3 and 4 from many moons ago. We talk about how much it sucks to get up the courage to ask someone out on a date, and how bad it feels when they say no.

But on a lighter note, we discuss anime, scary shows on the TV, and all the other podcasts I’m in. We flip tables over terrible Trump-positive memes and price gouging during a natural disaster.


From Sparklife by Jon_skindzier

Ep.88 – #doghouse: Staying Out of Trouble on Social Media.



Em is back on American soil and helps me talk through some dos and don’ts when it comes to dating and exposing your social media presence. The internet is forever, and what you post may have an effect on how you’re perceived publicly.

We also talk about Em’s recent trip to Scotland, books, Game of Thrones, and Doctor Strange.

We pick our top three survival buddies from popular media, and flip tables over voicemails and TSA. Enjoy!


Ep.83 – Paranormal Sexual Activity: What’s with all the Vampire Books?

What's the whip for??

What’s the whip for??


Em and I keep it short and sweet for this post-Valentine’s Day episode where we talk about Deadpool, Destiny, and those damn paranormal romance novels that you’ve seen your girlfriend, sister, even your mom reading all the time!

I own most of the books shown here...

I own most of the books shown here…

I’ve been checking out and guesting on new podcasts, watching indy horror films, and Em’s Scotland-bound!

We share our preferences for which fictional worlds we would like to live in for a week, and tables get flipped over stylists bad business practices, and religious humiliation.

"No, Barnes and Noble, I won't leave this section, but I'll say good day to you, sir.  I said good day!"

“No, Barnes and Noble, I won’t leave this section, but I’ll say good day to you, sir. I said good day!”

Go see Deadpool.
*breathing intensifies*

*breathing intensifies*


I was on Geektitude!

Wekk Podcast!

Ep.78 – Text Etiquette: Bonus! Geekdom’s Cutest Boys!

The Dreamiest Podcast on the Internet!

The Dreamiest Podcast on the Internet!


It’s a holiday week, but Em and I didn’t let that stop us from putting out this little gem about texting tips and the cutest boys in geekdom right now.

We also talk about RenFaires, Black Friday sales, family woes and sweepstakes winnings.

Tables get flipped directly at friends and co-hosts we know and love, and co-workers who don’t know how the phones work.

Hope you all had a better Thanksgiving holiday than I did, and hope you enjoy this short and sweet episode!



Ep.73 – The Third-Wheel Syndrome: Are You Making it a Crowd?



Em stops by to help me celebrate my birthday by comparing the pros and cons about what it’s like to be a third wheel with all of our couple-friends.

We lament over the loss of Hannibal, I misidentify a Singaporean as Chinese for the entire show, Em is excited over her upcoming trip to Scotland, and I watched Europa Report on Netflix with my boyfriend…I think I’m doing this whole “Netflix and Chill” thing all wrong.

Tables get flipped over Trumpsters, that bitch who won’t do her job, and the jerk who keeps stealing Em’s Lean Cuisines. We’re coming for you, frozen-dinner thief!

Because you don't have time to make a tutu Yoshi.

Because you don’t have time to make a tutu Yoshi.



that's right


Ep.65 – Tips for Getting that Second Date: But Just the Tip!

Easy Does it - don't mess this up!

Easy Does it – don’t mess this up!


Em is back to help me record the shortest Mating Habits episode in recent history, but we talk about securing that second date, the first-ever Trigger Warning: Geek! Meetup at Avengers: Age of Ultron, and magnetic vaginas.

There are things that exist in this world like Free Comic Book Day and Quidditch Beer Pong, and that’s a good thing.

Archer knows best.

Archer knows best.

Em is part of the problem when she doesn’t respond to cute boys who message her, but I blame Facebook – as always.

My Fair Andrew is hanging in there and receives his final assignment for the segment. Will our intrepid hero be equal to the task?


We flip tables over disgusting people who lick their fingers to turn pages and disgusting cops who murder black men. One table may weigh more than the other, but they both get thoroughly flipped.

Stay tuned to the end for some hot lesbian co-host action!

Quit Yo' Snitchin'!

Quit Yo’ Snitchin’!

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Ep.60 – Why are Girls So Weird? I Can’t Even Right Now


Story of my LIFE!


Em is punching sharks, caring for moms, and riding motorcycles that are on fire!
Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer is Kelley’s new church, even though she can’t get into Arrow, or Flash, or Agent Carter. Em thinks it’s due to the lack of blood and cannibals.

Em wrote a fanfic about all your favorite Alpha Counter Podcast co-hosts (which include most of your favorite Mating Habits c-hosts. All of these accomplishments before she turns 30…this week! Happy Birthday, Em!

We interview Flash Browning from the blog OkCupid Project Awful where a young professional woman in a big city changes her OKC profile to attract a certain type of guy, and then chronicles each date for our scientific enjoyment!

We get into a big discussion about why ladies act the way they do, and how a lot of times it doesn’t make sense to us either, but Em and I have some theories as to what might actually be going on.

We check in with My Fair Andrew to see how his third assignment went, what he’s up to, and what he has to do before the next episode.

Tables get flipped over excruciatingly long waits for tables at restaurants, and the fact that soon there will be no more Jon Stewart in our Daily Show. 


Em’s AlphaCounter Fanfic!

Flash Browning OkC Project Awful


Ep.49 – Experiments and Deal Breakers: Still Just a Rat in a Cage



The famous Em of the Alpha Counter Podcast joins me for this impromptu Lady Feels-fest where we discuss our feelings about Guardians of the Galaxy (We’ll warn you when we get spoilery and spoilers end on minute 57 for those who want to skip ahead), ailing parents, visitors from my ancestral home of Scotland, going sleeveless at Dragon*Con, and I promote 1000 things – see below.

We also chat about the experiments that OKCupid came clean about recently, what they mean for us as users of the site, and how they relate to deal breakers we may want to rethink.

Em and I also delve into the recent Dick Pic article from Jezebel, and we talk about the lengthy discussion that was had about it on the Mating Habits Facebook page.

Tables get flipped over Jury Duty, Megladon, and the lack of Gamora’s side boob.




HuffPo Article About OKC Experiments

The Tragic Tale of the Blind Date Dick Pic