Ep.89 – The Call-in Special/Cheaters Never Prosper: What is Cheating Anyway?

MHMG Call-In


Get comfortable because this is a long one. Andrew Bartlett and Sean Ryan help me navigate all the technical difficulties of our first-ever call-in show!

We catch up on the Haps, answer an email from one of our favorite listeners, and discuss matters of deception – cheating!

I talk for a very long time with Kenny Rotter of Dumbbells and Dragons about his views on the subject of cheating, and we all get to chat with Official PodPal Robbie Polanco, and the mastermind behind the Twitter handle @KelleyFactCheck or “Lies Mating Habits Told me.” Sean Ryan claims to have had a call from Sean Lynch of Nerd Church fame, but Andrew and I didn’t hear it… so I don’t think it actually happened 😉

Tables get flipped over over-dramatic fan reactions (MILD SPOILERS FOR GAME OF THRONES AND ARROW), folks who don’t know who they’re talking to, and stolen Slim Jims.

Thanks to everyone who called in and talked with us!



One thought on “Ep.89 – The Call-in Special/Cheaters Never Prosper: What is Cheating Anyway?

  1. Oy, so after listening to the interview, I did not explain my brain thoughts adequately. I’m going to try to clarify one or two things here, not to defend or start an argument, just to clarify because obviously my mouth tends to fuck up how my brain works.

    My main point isnt that sex is a necessity. Obviously there are asexual people in the world. My main point is that sex is not as important as people make it out to be. It has this stigma of being this all important factor in a relationship, and I don’t see it that way. I see sex as a physical act. I acknowledge that what makes it important (to my wife’s and my relationship) is the emotion and thoughts I bring to it.

    After the interview there was a lot of talk about “if sex is the only thing holding the relationship together, and that stops, then leave and cut your losses.” I agree! If sex is the only thing about the relationship that works, it’s a bad relationship.

    My point is if sex is the only thing NOT working, than cheating MAY be ok. If love, respect, parenting, teamwork, laughter, etc is all present, than it’s a good relationship! If you are honest with your partner about the lack of sex and he/she is refusing to be reasonable, isn’t that selfish? (I am not talking about partner A wants it everyday and partner B only wants it once a week. Both partners should try to be reasonable with twice or thrice a week) I’m talking partner A wants it once a month and partner B never wants it, and refuses it.

    If the answer to my last part is divorce, than that places WAY too much emphasis on sex. Throwing away a good, amazing, albeit sexless, marriage (a marriage that is not based on sex) for sex is ridiculous.

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