Ep.88 – #doghouse: Staying Out of Trouble on Social Media.



Em is back on American soil and helps me talk through some dos and don’ts when it comes to dating and exposing your social media presence. The internet is forever, and what you post may have an effect on how you’re perceived publicly.

We also talk about Em’s recent trip to Scotland, books, Game of Thrones, and Doctor Strange.

We pick our top three survival buddies from popular media, and flip tables over voicemails and TSA. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Ep.88 – #doghouse: Staying Out of Trouble on Social Media.

  1. Nothing says “I don’t trust you, at all” like a joint facebook account!!
    Can’t tell you how many friends I have that have let social media destroy a good thing. Can’t wait to hear all about this!!!
    Hooray a new show!

      • It truly is. Well, I feel sheepish. When I commented, I totally went straight to the relationship view of social media. I no longer have a FB because of the nonsense that was posted constantly. “I knows stuffs that someone else said incorrectly,” *blood boils* I just couldn’t take it anymore!

  2. An echo chamber is a lot how I describe Los Angeles: It’s a fun place to visit for a little self-indulgence, but it’s a horrible place to live. As we’ve seen happen to some of the people we know (and sometimes talk about in this podcast), echo chambers are most often a den of narcissism and fair weather friends.

    • On top of that, echo chambers are extremely problematic within themselves. While those in said chamber are conditioned to be in a constant state of agreement, there will, more often than not, come a moment in time when one (or more) of the number will find they actually do not agree; however, with the majority still scratching each other’s backs, that minority what was once part of the majority will either a) find themselves vocally opposing to a now-brick wall, or b) fade into the ether as a way of not wasting time opposing a brick wall.

      Granted, when that’s the case, some times another entity will take the place of the now lost one; but oftentimes it’s found that the numbers will dwindle to a point of isolation. (See: my step-brother and his situation for eight years and counting.)

  3. To pluralize apocalypse, add an ‘s’ to form apocalypses.

    Geologists got tired of this pedantic discussion about plural apocalypses and just renamed them to extinction events; physicists use extinction level events, commonly. Over large timelines, these things seem to reoccur, therefore we shouldn’t argue about pluralization.

    The inadvertent Buffy quote via Kelley is just a plus…

  4. For the price of flying first class you can take a boat from new York to England and back, they still run one. Queen Mary 3 makes the run. Takes a week to do the crossing and way nicer than a plane or other ships. Bonus enough life boats for all!

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